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life is to manage to be the one one is, not a copy or a follower of other people's way of being, thinking, faith etc.

Aladdin's Lamp

IndependencePosted by genio Thu, May 18, 2017 17:07:24

Aladdin’s lamp

Can we become what we want? From the belief/insight/knowledge that we all come from realms beyond, we can say yes to that; we come from an intelligence beyond our physical world, created into this physical word to live a physical life because, we shall learn about life and living here in our physical world.

Can we, more or less, change our self; recreate our self, with help from forces beyond? When the forces beyond have the power to make us be created here in our world, do they also have the power to make changes and, even recreate those of us who want that, while we live here? Yes, it sounds crazy but, it’s a fascinating thought and, who knows if it’s possible or not? Do you know anyone who knows or... categorical can say it’s impossible?

Is it possible? If so... I go for that... we have to be in contact with the life beyond and ask for what we want to change in our life, for the spirits to arrange and deal with the changes we want.

It’s said; via people who channel spirits or, those who go into trance while spirits take over the control and express themselves via the medium or, via other ways of getting information from the life beyond, that nothing will be done with us, it’ll be no interfering in our lives, if we don’t want. We have to ask for help. Then spirits will do what they can to help.

It’s said; as humans we’ve got the right to do what we want without any intervention from spirits, even if we destroy ourselves, put ourselves into danger and suffer great pain and loss... and so on... because, we’re born here to learn and, every lesson gives us more wisdom and insight to develop in a direction that’s best for our self and others but... if we make contact with spirits beyond and ask for help, they’ll help and, since they live in the realm where we came from and where every physical creation starts... this is only a very simple explanation... it’s no limits of what’s possible to be done and achieved. --- Can you believe it? Believe it or not, it’s anyhow very interesting.

I guess I write for believers and non-believers. If not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what we do with our life and focus at, for going on.

Most of us, I believe, know the story about Aladdin’s lamp, no matter its origin. I believe the story has come into existence to make us open for more than our physical life. I believe we all can be an Aladdin who has the chance to ask for help from spirits beyond.

The lamp is the symbol of the contact between this world and the world beyond. Each and one of us has our own way to come into contact with helping spirits but ... we have to ask for help if we want it to work.

It’s an old say; Ask for help and you’ll get it.

Too many people are too arrogant in their insecurity and inferiority feeling that they don’t want and dare to ask for help because... they’re afraid of showing others they don’t know and, they feel awful and embarrassed about it. In their pride they shall show everyone that how clever and great they are ... but, yes, on the other side, many people are wise enough to know it’s impossible to know everything.

We can meditate and do what we can to get in contact with spirits that way. What kind of contact we may get, is up to the one who seeks contact. We’re all individual and get individual contact.

We can also get in contact with spirits through dreams. Before we fell to sleep we can do suggestions, which means we can ask for contact in our mind. We can ask about whatever we want and need and take it with us into our dreams. All dreams tell and appear in symbols... If we remember our dreams we can interpret the symbols and understand, as good as we can, what it, or they, told us.

Since I’m into dream talking, I just wanna share one of my dream videos with you: - Art video - Sometimes happenings occur and it shows to be a surreal chain of necessary events ...

Here’s another; - Art video - Yes .. it may happen in a dream ...

We may suggest in our mind, just before drifting into a dream, to get help for any problem. The solution may take time because, in the dream time it’s no time and, your solution to your problem will be put into a bigger wholeness for the best of yourself. Other things may sometimes happen first, before the solution to the problem is solved in ways that you maybe not will expect.

Everything is different in the realms beyond and, what may seem as right and wrong in our world, may be looked at as too simple or meaningless, compared to a wholeness which is much better for the person than the person knows that time. A solution may be seen as wrong for us but, in the long run the wrong may be turned out to be right, of other reasons than it would be seen at the time the solution comes. Spirits can see consequences that are hidden for us and, they act compared to that.

When it comes to contact with spirits, it has most to do with emotions and sensitivity. The more emotional and sensitive a person is, the easier she or he can be in contact with spirits.

It’s also; mental mediumship, where mediums have contact with spirits through their mind, by learning and practicing how to use their mind to get contact. It’s quite possible and, it can be established a very good and secure contact. Spirits who have passed over from our dimension lower their frequencies, as good as they can and, speak through mediums with mental mediumship. It’s up to the mediums to receive and interpret as best as they can, before they pass on the messages from the spirit to the recipient.

Spiritual guides may come through those who have an open channel and, help the person who the guide is connected with. Guides are helping with personal matters within. They don’t give you the numbers to win in lotto. They help you to be more calm and relaxed with more safety and contentment and, that influences your daily life for the best of your health and comfort and, that goes on to be more successful in your life. Everyone who knows about the tragedy of stress and hysteric frustrations, knows how important it’s with inner peace and tranquillity. It influences your whole life and what you might be able to achieve.

One thing for sure in this life, we have to follow our own direction. Our guides want it that way. The stronger you are to be independent and free, the more your guides can help you... through your intuition. The more sensitive you are, the better does the intuition function in you. Your intuition is your inner voice, which is one of the ways the guides can use to communicate with you.

It’s important that you are the one you are, that you are yourself and not a follower of others or, systems that might confuse you how to think and behave or not. I have a video where I sing about how important it’s to be only you; - Art video - Wake up! - don’t be one of the flock of sheep ... listen to yourself and be your own leader ...

Aladdin was a nice guy who was so fortunate that his wishes became true almost at once. Here in our real world it won’t go so fast but, with patience we may experience things changes to the best for us.

Some people pray to Jesus, others to Muhammad, others to Krishna or other figures in different religions. It’s the same as Aladdin did but, while he rubbed the lamp as a sign for help, religious people pray in different ways for help... the result is the same; spiritual guides, our helpers, help us from the dimensions beyond our physical life. It doesn’t mean that Jesus or other religious figures exist... it means that our spiritual guides help us in the names of religious figures because, we ask for help. The clue is that we ask for help within. Ask Jesus for help and, we get help and, we believe Jesus helped us... it’s the same when it comes to other religious figures.

It’s well known that it’s power in prayers. It works because we open up to the forces within, rely on other dimensions. We get ‘tricked’ by believing it’s the religious figure that helps us but, does it matter? We get help. That’s the point.

Fill in only if you are not real

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