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life is to manage to be the one one is, not a copy or a follower of other people's way of being, thinking, faith etc.

The outside versus the inside world

IndependencePosted by genio Tue, May 16, 2017 17:47:31

The outside versus the inside world

To be stuck... in belief, thoughts, in mind... believing the world and life are something else than what it really is... that’s a condition with blind spots according to where and how a person is brought up from childhood.

Life is what a person believes it is, taught and copied from the first baby consciousness and childhood years and, the upbringing into youth and the continuation into adulthood. Because everyone is born just there and then by a woman who becomes the mother, more or less no matter who the father is because, many babies are born without connection to a father... everyone is unique. And the continuing years, the baby, then the child, experience something else than no one else in the world experience when it comes to siblings, friends, school etc. etc. Without many thoughts about it; every detail is different for each of us in our life. Yes, we’re unique, each and all of us.

This is how we build our belief about life and the world, about others and laws in nature... which we just have to follow and obey. Many people come into religions, others to philosophy or politics and so on and, we adopt what we think and believe there and then about, what we find is the truth for us... and it shapes us, make us believe what, why and how life is. ---- And then... we can be stuck for rest of our life in that belief.

Life is different from person to person because of, what they believe. Life is what they believe what life is. Anyone may be completely stuck in their belief system. No matter what they experience and, what others say, they put it into their own belief system and look at it, speculate at it and evaluate it from their own base of what they believe life is. They can’t come out of their belief system because, they don’t know anything else. It’s blind spots. You can’t know what you don’t know. Yes, it sounds stupid but, we’re not more than what we are... that’s the problem.

I’m pasting one of my videos, a poem, about how narrow-minded and stuck we can be; - Cinepoetry - What on earth is wrong with us human beings ... ? ...

Yes, the problem is that we’re not more than what we are. Issues as fear, inferiority complexes, pitifulness, envy, rigidity... make us very fast hide ourselves behind masks which, shall give the attitude that we are clever and intelligent... more clever and intelligent than we are but, it’s too humiliating to show that we don’t know ... oh how awful. Maybe people think I’m a fool? Gosh, no... I better play my play...

...and we play and play until we break down from the stress of being so great, that everyone should just admire us! And the stressing to be admired and loved by all and everyone is so strong that we have to run as wild, and protect ourselves as more wild because, we may need to be so great in the eyes of others that we just stress ourselves out and... into a bed. Exhausted and maybe ill. What others think and believe about us is so important that we just have to be on top all the time... and that’s arduous.

We play about there in the outside world for being accepted and appreciated and admired and loved and more... as a compensation for something deep hidden within us... the yearning for being great and successful and a number one. Compensation for what? For what happened in past... past life with suppressing emotions and scary experiences... as a child.

Abused as a child may follow us rest of our life and, cripple us to feel inferior and worthless. We must speak out the truth about abuse and... be free to continue in life without deep pain and traumas within... which influence us in everything we think and do.

Speak out... a video about being trapped in our own prison of the consequences of abuse; - Art video - Because of abuse in past ...we may be crippled in our mind, our psyche, the rest of our life. .... - Sexual or other physical abuse, which also is psychological abuse, or only psychological abuse ... may hunt us all life, put us in a prison of abuse, a prison of fear ... get out of that prison ... or, it may put you in the situation of accepting, even participate and execute abuse yourself ... !!!!! ... and ... the abused one becomes an abuser him/her-self ... WAKE UP!... break the chain, the circle ...

How we think, act and behave come from our first years of life. Are we indoctrinated by parents filled with fear... plus... copied by the baby/child in eager to know about life and, of course, parents are the first ‘gods’ for the small ones... or... are we taught about life and ourselves by parents filled with love and care... plus... copied by the eager baby/child to be like its caring parents?

Parents, who never have experienced love from their childhood or later, are not able to give their children love and care. Love and care can’t be given if one doesn’t know what it is.... then the child is given food and shelter with the lack of love and care. That will follow the child, probably, rest of the life.

Here is another of my videos... about parents; - Art video - Dear parents, teach your children love and care, not fear and despair. Don’t let your children get a life feeling worthless and inferior ...

To come out of the belief system which we’ve been put into from childhood, we need to change totally. Is that possible? It would be fantastic to throw away painful past if the parents only gave food and shelter... with fear and rigid indoctrination, as the upbringing... because... wouldn’t it be better to learn about love and care and, really experience love and care?

It’s obvious much reckless upbringing among us humans, when we see how our world is destroyed... and all the awful terror and evil behaviour by ignorant ones who... obviously has had a traumatic upbringing. The stupidity of religions is an important factor in this tragic picture. Religions split people and put people into narrow-minded systems. Religions demand obedience and, the followers have to be slaves of the system they follow, which tells them what to think and do and... when the system calls for condemnation and, even killing of non-believers of their system... then I say; Wake up! --- That’s not love. What are we humans doing to each others? Because some stupid, ignorant and dangerous systems?

Don’t be a follower of what others mean are best for them. Follow your own inner voice. No system can ever catch the entire person you really are... you’re unique... prove it to yourself... – I give you my follower song/video; - Art video - Find your own truth. By following books and leaders in religions or other systems etc. you suppress yourself as the unique person you are and ... you carry out what others look at as their own advantage ... take care of yourself ...

Yes, you can change... if you want but, you have to want it with all of you because, you must change the way you think, act, react, behave and, even turn your back to old instincts and patterns and... that means also friends. That might be hard. You have to analyse your own life and how your friends fit into it. Is a friend really a friend? Some friends prevent us from changing, not because they don’t want you to change but, because they know you as the one you are, for the moment, and they want you to be like that.... that’s how they know you.

When changing yourself, some people will fade away from you and others will appear because; your energies... which before were stressing because of fear, would change to calm and safe because of inner love and harmony. People would feel it and react to it. Friends who are used to your stressing and running energies, your stressing and hectic behaviour, wouldn’t understand it if you became calm and relaxed. Those friends are stressing because of fear themselves and, would not find connection to you that way anymore. Calm and harmonic energies would feel dull and boring for them and, they would turn their back to you. They live with fight inside of them. If you stop fighting within you, you would lose the mutually dependency with them and... they would fade away while others with calm and safe energies would turn up and... new friends could be the result.

The clue is to change. You have to get out of your belief system, put old instinct and pattern behind you and, look inwards instead of outwards, to find peace and contentment within you. We find the peace and love by going inwards... one of my songs/videos; - Art video - I wanna find out who I am ... what and why I am ... weed out my damned fear, I don’t wanna have any trace of it within ... I wanna open up my love-force within ... that’s more exciting and fun and good good good ...

You can’t find peace, freedom, love... outside yourself. Peace, freedom, love and all other aspects of us are within us. If you try to get it from the outside world through others, you live on an illusion. Others may have it, more or less living and conscious within themselves but, you can’t be a part of others emotions about peace, freedom and love.

Be you and find your peace, freedom, safety, self-image, contentment and love within you; - Art video - Wake up! - don’t be one of the flock of sheep ... listen to yourself and be your own leader ...

- Art video - Be yourself - it's impossible to be someone else ... even if you try as hard as you can. You're unique, OK ... you know that but ... try to experience it, feel it, be conscious about it etc. Don't follow others or any systems ... listen inward to your own guidance ... and ... don’t walk about believing you’re worthless and inferior. People are fascinating fantastic to condemn others because of their own shit within ... don’t let them infect you ...

You may wake up to a new life when you find peace, freedom and love within you and then... you don’t have to search for it outside yourself. To believe peace, freedom and love is outside you, you underestimate yourself... it’s within you as your own property and value. Don’t use the outside world through others as crutches for your own contentment and happiness... look inside...

A hypochondriac won’t change. He/she is afraid of the unknown. A hypochondriac can live in fear and pain but, prefer to live in fear and pain because he/she knows it... the unknown is too scary. – But the reality here is that... if you’ll always climb a little higher on the ladder of consciousness by dare to change... it’ll always give more contentment, more peace, freedom and love.

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