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life is to manage to be the one one is, not a copy or a follower of other people's way of being, thinking, faith etc.


IndependencePosted by genio Tue, May 09, 2017 19:49:45

The tragic escape.

The tragic escape into positivism.

To search for the nice, the good, beauty, glamour, glory, grace etc. ... yes, it sounds great ... or maybe wishing to live in a dream world ... or to wish that life isn’t what it is? It’s easy to fall into the positivism trap in the hectic run away from what isn’t nice, good, beauty etc. ... away from reality and what we call negative.

Our time has made positivism to a religion where people can escape into ... but ... that takes us away from reality. We’ve been tricked to believe everything will be fine if we jump on the positive carousel and avoid everything about negativity ... but ... - Negativity is a part of all life and, the more we accept it, the more we can learn to balance negativism and positivism to get a good life. --- Here is a song/video about escaping into positivism in fear of negativity...

I seek to get a balance between good and bad, between negative and positive. Then I also have to be open to the opposite of nice, good, beauty etc. For me, life is realistic. Not a positive run, an escape from what’s bad, ugly, negative ...

Get out the shit that imprisons you! Dare to be free! - If you’re afraid of negativity, you’re afraid of life –

-- I'm walking about and wondering why all this tragic people and events - too much power to the positive male force - it ends in violence and wars when greed and envy hide behind the scenes --- Why all this positivism? Speeches, articles, books etc ... all about positivism! Why not look at the other side of life? - The underestimated negative female force – If you want to get out your garbage within, your suppressed emotions, traumas etc. you must use the negative force in your mind ... Go to the curse&swear school in your mind – and - get freedom and peace within ...

- This fear for taboos and whatever should be negative, what’s in it? --- Are you afraid of swearing and saying, even thinking, 'bad' words? Then use them and be free of the prison of taboos - Use; The little philosophical trickster - – You must use the negative force in your mind ... to get out your garbage within, your suppressed emotions, traumas etc.

- Negativism is the female power. It has been subdued and made ridiculous - as a force which is not worth giving confidence. It is made out to be inferior and pitiable, useless and unstable when it comes to important decisions.

The female power uses emotions as a measure to develop insight and wisdom. It has intuition as a connection to our soul. Our guidance in life rests on the female’s capability to hint us through our intuition. --- – To get out your garbage within, your suppressed emotions, traumas etc. you must use the negative force in your mind ... yes, use it in your mind, not out onto others ... use it in your mind!

Here is two links to my book; Negative Manifesto - It’s so much to write and say about negativism and positivism that I refer to the book. If you are curious and want to know more about this controversial and difficult subject, you might probably find your ‘eureka’ here and there in the book.

... or ...

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One of my videos ... don’t be afraid of negative thoughts and feelings. They’re a part of us, as well as positive thoughts and feelings and, we’ve much to learn when we take negativity seriously and look at it as a part of our reality. - Thoughts and feelings are parts of us ... even the negative ones ... to suppress them gives problems ...

You can't run away from negativity ... it's a part of you - You may do whatever you can to escape into positivism and cling to it as a faith of life but, you just fool yourself ...

We cannot escape from the force of negativity into positivism and believe everything works out fine ... that's a gullible way to live.

Negativity is the female power and, a part of our life as well as positivism, the male power. It's about how to handle it ... not about hiding our head in the sand. Being in the negative and explore the negative is just fun and exciting ... it’s no rules other than to experience...

But ... let’s face it ... our world isn’t a nice and sweet place to be any more. We’ve destroyed air, water and soil and just everything else here, yes ... also living creatures in all forms, existences and sizes, including ourselves with an explosive grow in illnesses needed for the greedy health industry with its doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories etc. etc. etc. and technical equipment factories and firms plus, all those others that make great business on the health/illness industry.

Have we gone nuts?

How long will our earth carry on? When all conditions for sustainable life is gone ... then what? How long will it take before we can’t eat anything because it’s poisoned with synthetic chemicals? Is it possible that all living creatures, including humanity, are able to transform into artificial beings living of artificial nutrition? That’s big business for the brain-people; the academics, the people with no connection to their emotions, the people who have their brain as their master, with the nerves as their belief of what emotions are.

It’s the glory of the male force, the patriarchy. Then the female force, the matriarchy, is buried and done powerless. It’s just the way the male force wants it; only focusing on the positive, positivism, where violence sleep in its awakening sleep behind the surface, ready to explode into violence to force through its will... it’s about wishes and hopes and dreams of being great, the greatest ...

How stupid is humanity?

I look at our earth as a living planet, with intelligence about details and wholeness. It’s the two poles; negativism and positivism which work together in a cooperation that makes everything develop to the best of the wholeness.

I will draw a comparison between the living planet and a living human body: - When a person gets any kind of skin eruption, the person wants to get rid of it as fast as possible. In one or another way, the person manages to get rid of the skin eruption and continue without it. ---- As with the body, also with our earth: - When the humanity spreads out its destructive and poisonous consequences of its living, the earth gets ill and want to get rid of what interferes with its natural development. Its balance is on stake and, it does what it can to clean out the devastating reasons for its continuation of development. It may use earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunamis, storms and hurricanes with devastating effect on land and, other effects as; islands or continents may disappear in the oceans ... new islands and continents may come to surface. This is how our earth has been created and, new creations still continue and, will always continue as a part of our ever changing universe. Sunken cities have been found in the deep of oceans, which shows that our earth is in a forever ongoing transformation.

Because of the imbalance of humanity with patriarchy, positivism, as the master and matriarchy, negativism, as the loser, the laws of nature may let the patriarchy erupt into wars and destruction to stop the imbalance. The nature will always seek to come into balance again.

I believe the intelligence of nature and universe are more intelligent than humanities narrow-minded intelligence. We have to deal with something much more powerful than ourselves when we challenge the laws of balance.

The madness of humanity has to be wiped out with the madness of wars, or one big war all of our earth, to come back to normal and escalating development of creation.

I paste one of my video in that connection; - Art video - When we sabotage the values and intelligence of Mother Earth, we destroy all living creatures on the planet, including ourselves. To listen to and watch our planet, and cooperate with it, gives us the opportunity to fulfil our lives ...

When it comes to coming in balance by cleaning out: Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies.

Accept negativity on the same level as positivism and, you’ll learn about reality.

- Art video - To be positive is a delightful, even delicious, road to walk ... and just forget about all the stupidity of greed and evil, and so on, in this world ... or what ... ? ... only being positive? How nice!

I walk into my garden of Surrealism without thinking about negativity or positivism: - Art video - I don't wanna be fooled by myself and jump into a super-positivism world where everything is supposed to be cream and honey-bubbles ... no ... I rather aim for floating about in the Garden of Surrealism ...

To release bottled up emotions with cursing and swearing, is an excellent way to get a boost of wild sparks of life. Using positivism makes you too easy fall into the pitfalls of being pitiful. Being negative is bad and dangerous and so on, yes... it’s what we’ve been taught, it’s the run for always bury nasty and ugly cursing and swearing words, which isn’t decent and, if you’re afraid of being condemned by others, you must not, must not at all, be negative... you’re told to be proper and strangle your real identity but, your identity also contains negativity, which is a natural force in life, in all life.

When this is said, I say that being positive within yourself about yourself is important, very right and important. That’s to make you stronger and content. But; you have to be negative out into the outside world and... when you’re negative, be negative within yourself, in your mind, don’t take it out into the face of others. Let everything happen in your mind.

We’re filled with taught lessons about taboos. Something is taboo, other things is not taboo. Cursing&swearing is taboo... very negative... ugh, no taboos!

But cursing&swering is hiding strong emotional energy which you don’t use if you don’t dare to use taboos. You stop yourself to take out your inner strength, suppress yourself, make yourself pity and weak.

One of my videos is about taboos; - Art video - You may very fast be strangled by taboos, without knowing. Taboo systems surround us all the time, trying to cripple our natural freedom to explore ourselves and be free within – don’t let taboos rule you ...

At last, a little memory about myself. I remember when I struggled to stop smoking. I had a craving within for smoking. How should I stop that craving? That time my fiancé, genia, got the message from her spiritual guide that I should teach myself to curse and swear more than I ever had done. I did. When I then wanted to stop smoking I discovered that when I cursed and swore I got less craving for smoking. I then made an issue out of smoking and curse&swear. I started to curse and swear as a wild when I wanted to smoke ... and ... abracadabra, the craving disappeared. I was more or less mute and astonished but... it worked! I continued and, it ended up that I managed to stop smoking...

...and, the reason was that by cursing and swearing I opened up for suppressed emotions. Suppressed emotions were the reason I got the craving. I wanted to alleviate the frustration of not being able to use my suppressed emotions and, then by smoking, I managed to stop the frustration and... relax. Smoking made me relaxed. When I opened up for the suppressed emotions by cursing and swearing, I didn’t get the craving for something to alleviate the frustration. When the frustration was gone, by open up for the suppressed emotions, the craving for smoking was gone. Abracadabra.

It’s about going to the reason of the problem. Sort it out and, the problem will disappear. My reason for smoking was to cover up for painful emotions from my childhood. I covered it up by suppressing the reason. The reason I suppressed was, the pain I experienced in my childhood, which my parents had inflicted on me. I suppressed fear, deep fear. I smoked because I covered up deep fear.

By cursing and swearing I opened up for my anger because I was treated so badly when I was a child and, it helped. To open up for my suppressed anger helped me to quit smoking.

Get out your suppressed emotions, your pain and fear. Clean it out. Cursing and swearing is an excellent way to do it.