Aladdin's LampIndependence

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Aladdin’s lamp

Can we become what we want? From the belief/insight/knowledge that we all come from realms beyond, we can say yes to that; we come from an intelligence beyond our physical world, created into this physical word to live a physical life because, we shall learn about life and living here in our physical world.

Can we, more or less, change our self; recreate our self, with help from forces beyond? When the forces beyond have the power to make us be created here in our world, do they also have the power to make changes and, even recreate those of us who want that, while we live here? Yes, it sounds crazy but, it’s a fascinating thought and, who knows if it’s possible or not? Do you know anyone who knows or... categorical can say it’s impossible?

Is it possible? If so... I go for that... we have to be in contact with the life beyond and ask for what we want to change in our life, for the spirits to arrange and deal with the changes we want.

It’s said; via people who channel spirits or, those who go into trance while spirits take over the control and express themselves via the medium or, via other ways of getting information from the life beyond, that nothing will be done with us, it’ll be no interfering in our lives, if we don’t want. We have to ask for help. Then spirits will do what they can to help.

It’s said; as humans we’ve got the right to do what we want without any intervention from spirits, even if we destroy ourselves, put ourselves into danger and suffer great pain and loss... and so on... because, we’re born here to learn and, every lesson gives us more wisdom and insight to develop in a direction that’s best for our self and others but... if we make contact with spirits beyond and ask for help, they’ll help and, since they live in the realm where we came from and where every physical creation starts... this is only a very simple explanation... it’s no limits of what’s possible to be done and achieved. --- Can you believe it? Believe it or not, it’s anyhow very interesting.

I guess I write for believers and non-believers. If not, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what we do with our life and focus at, for going on.

Most of us, I believe, know the story about Aladdin’s lamp, no matter its origin. I believe the story has come into existence to make us open for more than our physical life. I believe we all can be an Aladdin who has the chance to ask for help from spirits beyond.

The lamp is the symbol of the contact between this world and the world beyond. Each and one of us has our own way to come into contact with helping spirits but ... we have to ask for help if we want it to work.

It’s an old say; Ask for help and you’ll get it.

Too many people are too arrogant in their insecurity and inferiority feeling that they don’t want and dare to ask for help because... they’re afraid of showing others they don’t know and, they feel awful and embarrassed about it. In their pride they shall show everyone that how clever and great they are ... but, yes, on the other side, many people are wise enough to know it’s impossible to know everything.

We can meditate and do what we can to get in contact with spirits that way. What kind of contact we may get, is up to the one who seeks contact. We’re all individual and get individual contact.

We can also get in contact with spirits through dreams. Before we fell to sleep we can do suggestions, which means we can ask for contact in our mind. We can ask about whatever we want and need and take it with us into our dreams. All dreams tell and appear in symbols... If we remember our dreams we can interpret the symbols and understand, as good as we can, what it, or they, told us.

Since I’m into dream talking, I just wanna share one of my dream videos with you: - Art video - Sometimes happenings occur and it shows to be a surreal chain of necessary events ...

Here’s another; - Art video - Yes .. it may happen in a dream ...

We may suggest in our mind, just before drifting into a dream, to get help for any problem. The solution may take time because, in the dream time it’s no time and, your solution to your problem will be put into a bigger wholeness for the best of yourself. Other things may sometimes happen first, before the solution to the problem is solved in ways that you maybe not will expect.

Everything is different in the realms beyond and, what may seem as right and wrong in our world, may be looked at as too simple or meaningless, compared to a wholeness which is much better for the person than the person knows that time. A solution may be seen as wrong for us but, in the long run the wrong may be turned out to be right, of other reasons than it would be seen at the time the solution comes. Spirits can see consequences that are hidden for us and, they act compared to that.

When it comes to contact with spirits, it has most to do with emotions and sensitivity. The more emotional and sensitive a person is, the easier she or he can be in contact with spirits.

It’s also; mental mediumship, where mediums have contact with spirits through their mind, by learning and practicing how to use their mind to get contact. It’s quite possible and, it can be established a very good and secure contact. Spirits who have passed over from our dimension lower their frequencies, as good as they can and, speak through mediums with mental mediumship. It’s up to the mediums to receive and interpret as best as they can, before they pass on the messages from the spirit to the recipient.

Spiritual guides may come through those who have an open channel and, help the person who the guide is connected with. Guides are helping with personal matters within. They don’t give you the numbers to win in lotto. They help you to be more calm and relaxed with more safety and contentment and, that influences your daily life for the best of your health and comfort and, that goes on to be more successful in your life. Everyone who knows about the tragedy of stress and hysteric frustrations, knows how important it’s with inner peace and tranquillity. It influences your whole life and what you might be able to achieve.

One thing for sure in this life, we have to follow our own direction. Our guides want it that way. The stronger you are to be independent and free, the more your guides can help you... through your intuition. The more sensitive you are, the better does the intuition function in you. Your intuition is your inner voice, which is one of the ways the guides can use to communicate with you.

It’s important that you are the one you are, that you are yourself and not a follower of others or, systems that might confuse you how to think and behave or not. I have a video where I sing about how important it’s to be only you; - Art video - Wake up! - don’t be one of the flock of sheep ... listen to yourself and be your own leader ...

Aladdin was a nice guy who was so fortunate that his wishes became true almost at once. Here in our real world it won’t go so fast but, with patience we may experience things changes to the best for us.

Some people pray to Jesus, others to Muhammad, others to Krishna or other figures in different religions. It’s the same as Aladdin did but, while he rubbed the lamp as a sign for help, religious people pray in different ways for help... the result is the same; spiritual guides, our helpers, help us from the dimensions beyond our physical life. It doesn’t mean that Jesus or other religious figures exist... it means that our spiritual guides help us in the names of religious figures because, we ask for help. The clue is that we ask for help within. Ask Jesus for help and, we get help and, we believe Jesus helped us... it’s the same when it comes to other religious figures.

It’s well known that it’s power in prayers. It works because we open up to the forces within, rely on other dimensions. We get ‘tricked’ by believing it’s the religious figure that helps us but, does it matter? We get help. That’s the point.

The outside versus the inside worldIndependence

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The outside versus the inside world

To be stuck... in belief, thoughts, in mind... believing the world and life are something else than what it really is... that’s a condition with blind spots according to where and how a person is brought up from childhood.

Life is what a person believes it is, taught and copied from the first baby consciousness and childhood years and, the upbringing into youth and the continuation into adulthood. Because everyone is born just there and then by a woman who becomes the mother, more or less no matter who the father is because, many babies are born without connection to a father... everyone is unique. And the continuing years, the baby, then the child, experience something else than no one else in the world experience when it comes to siblings, friends, school etc. etc. Without many thoughts about it; every detail is different for each of us in our life. Yes, we’re unique, each and all of us.

This is how we build our belief about life and the world, about others and laws in nature... which we just have to follow and obey. Many people come into religions, others to philosophy or politics and so on and, we adopt what we think and believe there and then about, what we find is the truth for us... and it shapes us, make us believe what, why and how life is. ---- And then... we can be stuck for rest of our life in that belief.

Life is different from person to person because of, what they believe. Life is what they believe what life is. Anyone may be completely stuck in their belief system. No matter what they experience and, what others say, they put it into their own belief system and look at it, speculate at it and evaluate it from their own base of what they believe life is. They can’t come out of their belief system because, they don’t know anything else. It’s blind spots. You can’t know what you don’t know. Yes, it sounds stupid but, we’re not more than what we are... that’s the problem.

I’m pasting one of my videos, a poem, about how narrow-minded and stuck we can be; - Cinepoetry - What on earth is wrong with us human beings ... ? ...

Yes, the problem is that we’re not more than what we are. Issues as fear, inferiority complexes, pitifulness, envy, rigidity... make us very fast hide ourselves behind masks which, shall give the attitude that we are clever and intelligent... more clever and intelligent than we are but, it’s too humiliating to show that we don’t know ... oh how awful. Maybe people think I’m a fool? Gosh, no... I better play my play...

...and we play and play until we break down from the stress of being so great, that everyone should just admire us! And the stressing to be admired and loved by all and everyone is so strong that we have to run as wild, and protect ourselves as more wild because, we may need to be so great in the eyes of others that we just stress ourselves out and... into a bed. Exhausted and maybe ill. What others think and believe about us is so important that we just have to be on top all the time... and that’s arduous.

We play about there in the outside world for being accepted and appreciated and admired and loved and more... as a compensation for something deep hidden within us... the yearning for being great and successful and a number one. Compensation for what? For what happened in past... past life with suppressing emotions and scary experiences... as a child.

Abused as a child may follow us rest of our life and, cripple us to feel inferior and worthless. We must speak out the truth about abuse and... be free to continue in life without deep pain and traumas within... which influence us in everything we think and do.

Speak out... a video about being trapped in our own prison of the consequences of abuse; - Art video - Because of abuse in past ...we may be crippled in our mind, our psyche, the rest of our life. .... - Sexual or other physical abuse, which also is psychological abuse, or only psychological abuse ... may hunt us all life, put us in a prison of abuse, a prison of fear ... get out of that prison ... or, it may put you in the situation of accepting, even participate and execute abuse yourself ... !!!!! ... and ... the abused one becomes an abuser him/her-self ... WAKE UP!... break the chain, the circle ...

How we think, act and behave come from our first years of life. Are we indoctrinated by parents filled with fear... plus... copied by the baby/child in eager to know about life and, of course, parents are the first ‘gods’ for the small ones... or... are we taught about life and ourselves by parents filled with love and care... plus... copied by the eager baby/child to be like its caring parents?

Parents, who never have experienced love from their childhood or later, are not able to give their children love and care. Love and care can’t be given if one doesn’t know what it is.... then the child is given food and shelter with the lack of love and care. That will follow the child, probably, rest of the life.

Here is another of my videos... about parents; - Art video - Dear parents, teach your children love and care, not fear and despair. Don’t let your children get a life feeling worthless and inferior ...

To come out of the belief system which we’ve been put into from childhood, we need to change totally. Is that possible? It would be fantastic to throw away painful past if the parents only gave food and shelter... with fear and rigid indoctrination, as the upbringing... because... wouldn’t it be better to learn about love and care and, really experience love and care?

It’s obvious much reckless upbringing among us humans, when we see how our world is destroyed... and all the awful terror and evil behaviour by ignorant ones who... obviously has had a traumatic upbringing. The stupidity of religions is an important factor in this tragic picture. Religions split people and put people into narrow-minded systems. Religions demand obedience and, the followers have to be slaves of the system they follow, which tells them what to think and do and... when the system calls for condemnation and, even killing of non-believers of their system... then I say; Wake up! --- That’s not love. What are we humans doing to each others? Because some stupid, ignorant and dangerous systems?

Don’t be a follower of what others mean are best for them. Follow your own inner voice. No system can ever catch the entire person you really are... you’re unique... prove it to yourself... – I give you my follower song/video; - Art video - Find your own truth. By following books and leaders in religions or other systems etc. you suppress yourself as the unique person you are and ... you carry out what others look at as their own advantage ... take care of yourself ...

Yes, you can change... if you want but, you have to want it with all of you because, you must change the way you think, act, react, behave and, even turn your back to old instincts and patterns and... that means also friends. That might be hard. You have to analyse your own life and how your friends fit into it. Is a friend really a friend? Some friends prevent us from changing, not because they don’t want you to change but, because they know you as the one you are, for the moment, and they want you to be like that.... that’s how they know you.

When changing yourself, some people will fade away from you and others will appear because; your energies... which before were stressing because of fear, would change to calm and safe because of inner love and harmony. People would feel it and react to it. Friends who are used to your stressing and running energies, your stressing and hectic behaviour, wouldn’t understand it if you became calm and relaxed. Those friends are stressing because of fear themselves and, would not find connection to you that way anymore. Calm and harmonic energies would feel dull and boring for them and, they would turn their back to you. They live with fight inside of them. If you stop fighting within you, you would lose the mutually dependency with them and... they would fade away while others with calm and safe energies would turn up and... new friends could be the result.

The clue is to change. You have to get out of your belief system, put old instinct and pattern behind you and, look inwards instead of outwards, to find peace and contentment within you. We find the peace and love by going inwards... one of my songs/videos; - Art video - I wanna find out who I am ... what and why I am ... weed out my damned fear, I don’t wanna have any trace of it within ... I wanna open up my love-force within ... that’s more exciting and fun and good good good ...

You can’t find peace, freedom, love... outside yourself. Peace, freedom, love and all other aspects of us are within us. If you try to get it from the outside world through others, you live on an illusion. Others may have it, more or less living and conscious within themselves but, you can’t be a part of others emotions about peace, freedom and love.

Be you and find your peace, freedom, safety, self-image, contentment and love within you; - Art video - Wake up! - don’t be one of the flock of sheep ... listen to yourself and be your own leader ...

- Art video - Be yourself - it's impossible to be someone else ... even if you try as hard as you can. You're unique, OK ... you know that but ... try to experience it, feel it, be conscious about it etc. Don't follow others or any systems ... listen inward to your own guidance ... and ... don’t walk about believing you’re worthless and inferior. People are fascinating fantastic to condemn others because of their own shit within ... don’t let them infect you ...

You may wake up to a new life when you find peace, freedom and love within you and then... you don’t have to search for it outside yourself. To believe peace, freedom and love is outside you, you underestimate yourself... it’s within you as your own property and value. Don’t use the outside world through others as crutches for your own contentment and happiness... look inside...

A hypochondriac won’t change. He/she is afraid of the unknown. A hypochondriac can live in fear and pain but, prefer to live in fear and pain because he/she knows it... the unknown is too scary. – But the reality here is that... if you’ll always climb a little higher on the ladder of consciousness by dare to change... it’ll always give more contentment, more peace, freedom and love.


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The tragic escape.

The tragic escape into positivism.

To search for the nice, the good, beauty, glamour, glory, grace etc. ... yes, it sounds great ... or maybe wishing to live in a dream world ... or to wish that life isn’t what it is? It’s easy to fall into the positivism trap in the hectic run away from what isn’t nice, good, beauty etc. ... away from reality and what we call negative.

Our time has made positivism to a religion where people can escape into ... but ... that takes us away from reality. We’ve been tricked to believe everything will be fine if we jump on the positive carousel and avoid everything about negativity ... but ... - Negativity is a part of all life and, the more we accept it, the more we can learn to balance negativism and positivism to get a good life. --- Here is a song/video about escaping into positivism in fear of negativity...

I seek to get a balance between good and bad, between negative and positive. Then I also have to be open to the opposite of nice, good, beauty etc. For me, life is realistic. Not a positive run, an escape from what’s bad, ugly, negative ...

Get out the shit that imprisons you! Dare to be free! - If you’re afraid of negativity, you’re afraid of life –

-- I'm walking about and wondering why all this tragic people and events - too much power to the positive male force - it ends in violence and wars when greed and envy hide behind the scenes --- Why all this positivism? Speeches, articles, books etc ... all about positivism! Why not look at the other side of life? - The underestimated negative female force – If you want to get out your garbage within, your suppressed emotions, traumas etc. you must use the negative force in your mind ... Go to the curse&swear school in your mind – and - get freedom and peace within ...

- This fear for taboos and whatever should be negative, what’s in it? --- Are you afraid of swearing and saying, even thinking, 'bad' words? Then use them and be free of the prison of taboos - Use; The little philosophical trickster - – You must use the negative force in your mind ... to get out your garbage within, your suppressed emotions, traumas etc.

- Negativism is the female power. It has been subdued and made ridiculous - as a force which is not worth giving confidence. It is made out to be inferior and pitiable, useless and unstable when it comes to important decisions.

The female power uses emotions as a measure to develop insight and wisdom. It has intuition as a connection to our soul. Our guidance in life rests on the female’s capability to hint us through our intuition. --- – To get out your garbage within, your suppressed emotions, traumas etc. you must use the negative force in your mind ... yes, use it in your mind, not out onto others ... use it in your mind!

Here is two links to my book; Negative Manifesto - It’s so much to write and say about negativism and positivism that I refer to the book. If you are curious and want to know more about this controversial and difficult subject, you might probably find your ‘eureka’ here and there in the book.

... or ...

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One of my videos ... don’t be afraid of negative thoughts and feelings. They’re a part of us, as well as positive thoughts and feelings and, we’ve much to learn when we take negativity seriously and look at it as a part of our reality. - Thoughts and feelings are parts of us ... even the negative ones ... to suppress them gives problems ...

You can't run away from negativity ... it's a part of you - You may do whatever you can to escape into positivism and cling to it as a faith of life but, you just fool yourself ...

We cannot escape from the force of negativity into positivism and believe everything works out fine ... that's a gullible way to live.

Negativity is the female power and, a part of our life as well as positivism, the male power. It's about how to handle it ... not about hiding our head in the sand. Being in the negative and explore the negative is just fun and exciting ... it’s no rules other than to experience...

But ... let’s face it ... our world isn’t a nice and sweet place to be any more. We’ve destroyed air, water and soil and just everything else here, yes ... also living creatures in all forms, existences and sizes, including ourselves with an explosive grow in illnesses needed for the greedy health industry with its doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories etc. etc. etc. and technical equipment factories and firms plus, all those others that make great business on the health/illness industry.

Have we gone nuts?

How long will our earth carry on? When all conditions for sustainable life is gone ... then what? How long will it take before we can’t eat anything because it’s poisoned with synthetic chemicals? Is it possible that all living creatures, including humanity, are able to transform into artificial beings living of artificial nutrition? That’s big business for the brain-people; the academics, the people with no connection to their emotions, the people who have their brain as their master, with the nerves as their belief of what emotions are.

It’s the glory of the male force, the patriarchy. Then the female force, the matriarchy, is buried and done powerless. It’s just the way the male force wants it; only focusing on the positive, positivism, where violence sleep in its awakening sleep behind the surface, ready to explode into violence to force through its will... it’s about wishes and hopes and dreams of being great, the greatest ...

How stupid is humanity?

I look at our earth as a living planet, with intelligence about details and wholeness. It’s the two poles; negativism and positivism which work together in a cooperation that makes everything develop to the best of the wholeness.

I will draw a comparison between the living planet and a living human body: - When a person gets any kind of skin eruption, the person wants to get rid of it as fast as possible. In one or another way, the person manages to get rid of the skin eruption and continue without it. ---- As with the body, also with our earth: - When the humanity spreads out its destructive and poisonous consequences of its living, the earth gets ill and want to get rid of what interferes with its natural development. Its balance is on stake and, it does what it can to clean out the devastating reasons for its continuation of development. It may use earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunamis, storms and hurricanes with devastating effect on land and, other effects as; islands or continents may disappear in the oceans ... new islands and continents may come to surface. This is how our earth has been created and, new creations still continue and, will always continue as a part of our ever changing universe. Sunken cities have been found in the deep of oceans, which shows that our earth is in a forever ongoing transformation.

Because of the imbalance of humanity with patriarchy, positivism, as the master and matriarchy, negativism, as the loser, the laws of nature may let the patriarchy erupt into wars and destruction to stop the imbalance. The nature will always seek to come into balance again.

I believe the intelligence of nature and universe are more intelligent than humanities narrow-minded intelligence. We have to deal with something much more powerful than ourselves when we challenge the laws of balance.

The madness of humanity has to be wiped out with the madness of wars, or one big war all of our earth, to come back to normal and escalating development of creation.

I paste one of my video in that connection; - Art video - When we sabotage the values and intelligence of Mother Earth, we destroy all living creatures on the planet, including ourselves. To listen to and watch our planet, and cooperate with it, gives us the opportunity to fulfil our lives ...

When it comes to coming in balance by cleaning out: Desperate diseases must have desperate remedies.

Accept negativity on the same level as positivism and, you’ll learn about reality.

- Art video - To be positive is a delightful, even delicious, road to walk ... and just forget about all the stupidity of greed and evil, and so on, in this world ... or what ... ? ... only being positive? How nice!

I walk into my garden of Surrealism without thinking about negativity or positivism: - Art video - I don't wanna be fooled by myself and jump into a super-positivism world where everything is supposed to be cream and honey-bubbles ... no ... I rather aim for floating about in the Garden of Surrealism ...

To release bottled up emotions with cursing and swearing, is an excellent way to get a boost of wild sparks of life. Using positivism makes you too easy fall into the pitfalls of being pitiful. Being negative is bad and dangerous and so on, yes... it’s what we’ve been taught, it’s the run for always bury nasty and ugly cursing and swearing words, which isn’t decent and, if you’re afraid of being condemned by others, you must not, must not at all, be negative... you’re told to be proper and strangle your real identity but, your identity also contains negativity, which is a natural force in life, in all life.

When this is said, I say that being positive within yourself about yourself is important, very right and important. That’s to make you stronger and content. But; you have to be negative out into the outside world and... when you’re negative, be negative within yourself, in your mind, don’t take it out into the face of others. Let everything happen in your mind.

We’re filled with taught lessons about taboos. Something is taboo, other things is not taboo. Cursing&swearing is taboo... very negative... ugh, no taboos!

But cursing&swering is hiding strong emotional energy which you don’t use if you don’t dare to use taboos. You stop yourself to take out your inner strength, suppress yourself, make yourself pity and weak.

One of my videos is about taboos; - Art video - You may very fast be strangled by taboos, without knowing. Taboo systems surround us all the time, trying to cripple our natural freedom to explore ourselves and be free within – don’t let taboos rule you ...

At last, a little memory about myself. I remember when I struggled to stop smoking. I had a craving within for smoking. How should I stop that craving? That time my fiancé, genia, got the message from her spiritual guide that I should teach myself to curse and swear more than I ever had done. I did. When I then wanted to stop smoking I discovered that when I cursed and swore I got less craving for smoking. I then made an issue out of smoking and curse&swear. I started to curse and swear as a wild when I wanted to smoke ... and ... abracadabra, the craving disappeared. I was more or less mute and astonished but... it worked! I continued and, it ended up that I managed to stop smoking...

...and, the reason was that by cursing and swearing I opened up for suppressed emotions. Suppressed emotions were the reason I got the craving. I wanted to alleviate the frustration of not being able to use my suppressed emotions and, then by smoking, I managed to stop the frustration and... relax. Smoking made me relaxed. When I opened up for the suppressed emotions by cursing and swearing, I didn’t get the craving for something to alleviate the frustration. When the frustration was gone, by open up for the suppressed emotions, the craving for smoking was gone. Abracadabra.

It’s about going to the reason of the problem. Sort it out and, the problem will disappear. My reason for smoking was to cover up for painful emotions from my childhood. I covered it up by suppressing the reason. The reason I suppressed was, the pain I experienced in my childhood, which my parents had inflicted on me. I suppressed fear, deep fear. I smoked because I covered up deep fear.

By cursing and swearing I opened up for my anger because I was treated so badly when I was a child and, it helped. To open up for my suppressed anger helped me to quit smoking.

Get out your suppressed emotions, your pain and fear. Clean it out. Cursing and swearing is an excellent way to do it.


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What should doctors, scientists, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry etc. do if people started to be healthy and filled with jumping sparks of life? OH no ... Illness is big business!

Here is one of my videos; - Art video - Transformation has started ... be aware of what you put into your body ...

The health industry, which may be called the illness industry, is dependent of ill and sick people ... the more the better. It’s a flourishing industry, in cooperation with all the equipment factories which creates new inventions of all kinds of electronic devices ... into the growing technological health systems ... yes, patients are meat-lumps, sent from electronic devices to new fascinating electronic devices ...

What about taking own health into own hands and be independent and responsible for own life?

Here is one of my videos about taking our life in our own hands; - Art video - We may put our self in a prison of thoughts if we’re not aware ...

The health industry is so caught up by scientific investigations that nature has been blown out of the window. Whatever treatment that’s needed for any illness can be delivered through pills, these super inventions which give physical release for the moment and side effects ... side effects that need new pills to cure and, those pills give new side effects ...

One of my videos; - Art video - When it comes to living, it might end up in questions about surviving or not ...

Pills are not a splendid medicine in other ways than a short physical relief. Pills don’t lead you to the cause of the illness and, the illness will come back, maybe in other expressions but, since the cause hasn’t been solved, illness will continue to come back in one or another expression.

The health industry, together with science, is focused on the physical life. Psychology is also taken into consideration, now and then, with their kind of pills. Spiritual matters are never put on the table. Rarely, very rarely and, less than very rarely, is nature taken into focus. Different herbs and oils are not an option where doctors rule. They more or less ridicule it as unimportant remedies for help and cure.

One of my videos; - Art video - Unfortunately ... most people just don't care about what they put into their bodies ... and ... what we eat, drink and use of synthetic products are now poisoning life all over the world ... air, rivers, oceans, soil ... it’s in all fundamental sources of nutrition ... and it’s also called medicine ...

The real cause is never put into focus by the physical health industry. Psychologists are closer to find the causes and possibly unravel details which can make the cause visible ... and be cured.

By study the nature now and then, we can learn to know what fantastic force and medicine are given us and, food is medicine when we discover it.

Stress is a main cause to illnesses. Stress is put into action from deep within when fear smoulders and moves. To suppress the fear, because of painful emotional memories, gives stress a boost and, may easily turn into chaos/cancer when, nerves and cramps start to revolt against the compulsion of being suppressed. The suppressed fear emotions work behind our daily masks and, can be so insignificant in our daily life, when the suppress mechanisms work so perfect that we just don’t know we’re suppressing smouldering emotions ... and, unfortunately, we don’t understand why we get ill ... we don’t understand that our suppressed emotions creates stress which creates illness in one or another expression ... but ... a pill or ten isn’t the solution ... the final cure is, of course, to find the reason.

What about taking own health into own hands and be independent and responsible for own life?

One of my videos ... you can change your life. It’s all up to you; - Art video - You may discover that life isn’t what you believe ... that reality may be different ...

Instead of bow our neck and say yes to the business of artificial food and medicine, we can investigate life from the perspective that we have to take care of ourselves. Herbs and oils are excellent remedies given from nature. Our bodies aren’t artificial made in laboratories. Our bodies are created with the ingredients of what nature consists of. Our bodies communicate with nature. We have what we need to be healthy by listening to nature and follow its advices.

Yes, food is medicine. We, human beings, have destroyed our conditions of existence by pollution of air, water and soil. Everything that grows today is so much diminished of vital nourishment that we catch illnesses faster than any time in the past and, that’s good business. Eat yourself ill and buy pills ... yes, business ... and the brain-stuck doctors and health workers become more and more gods.

Food producers produce processed food. They put all kind of toxic chemicals into the food and, people get ill, very ill and, they need brain-stuck god-doctors who give them pills. The doctors don’t tell about herbs, oils and nature, no, it’s no business in it for them ... but ... for every pill they manage to order to their patients, they earn money, money, money ...

Refined sugar and salt which are made white to look nice and tempting, drain our bodies for nutrition. This is well known but, food producers put it into processed food because it’s good business ... and all the synthetic chemicals they use to give nice colours, smell and taste. It’s more and more for every day and, all those different synthetic chemicals in different food we eat, makes a bloody, toxic cocktail to the worst for us but, to the best for the food and health industry ... money, money, money ...

One of my videos; - Ha-ha-ha-hahahahaha..... yes, an art video - Damaged brain and a weak immune system make you sick and miserable ... 'cause of synthetic chemicals, GMO etc ... - You’re far more than just what you eat ... but ... you really should know what you eat ... ha-ha-ha-he-he-hehehehahahaha..........

Only focusing physically doesn’t help to remove the cause. A cancerous tumour can be removed but, what about the cause, why did the cells grow into a tumour? Cancer is cells in chaos ... and the chaos in cells tells that it’s chaos in the psyche, in the mind ... which means that the reason for cancer is the chaos in mind and, it’s stress and, the stress comes from deep fear within which is suppressed ... it’s not sorted out. To be healed from cancer can be done by go into the cause beyond the physical expression, which is cancer. Cancer comes and goes because stress and deep fear comes and goes ... nothing more strangely than that. Sort out the fear, which might be hard, difficult and time demanding, and the cancer will disappear. By sorting out the fear, which means to go into pain and traumas from past, stay there and let it be cleaned out, is preventive when it comes to cancer and many other illnesses.

It’s only you who knows all about you and, you’re a self-healer if you’re conscious about it ... otherwise you are dependent to rely on others when it comes to your health. The health system is only physical ... if you too are stuck into the belief that the health system is the solution to cure illnesses, you can’t heal yourself totally.

Here is a video of mine; Don’t put your health into the hands of others ...

The health/illness industry has grown very fast as a too influential monster. The first intervention starts when a baby is born ... by drug treatment, vaccines, and when the baby grows up, more and more vaccines are forced into their bodies. It’s hidden statistics, numbers of unrecorded cases when it comes to what effects and, long-term effect, those vaccines do to the children ... but ... that doesn’t matter because, it’s big-big business for the pharmaceutical industry via doctors, hospitals and other institutions, firms and shops.

Wake up! ... Take responsibility of your own health and be independent!

And elderly people. I’ve seen elderly people with a drawer filled with all kinds of pills and tablets and liquids to keep them going on. They live their life in chairs in front of a telly, filled with synthetic chemicals to keep them alive. It’s our wonderful civilised world, our industrial scientific culture ... we may one day not need any food at all, only laboratory invented fantastic tablets...

Are we guinea pigs for the health/illness industry?

One of my videos; - Art video - We know we can’t base our lives on synthetic nutrition ...

I remember I read an article about some people who witnessed an UFO landing.

They came in contact with the humanoids in the UFO and, were invited on board.

The humanoids were very interested to study them and asked one of them to lie down on a bench.

One of the people lay down and the humanoids started to investigate. They pricked with

sharp-pointed needles and were very surprised when the person on the bench reacted with pain.

The humanoids had no sensations of pain that way. We may say they were without empathy ...

I then refer to what happen in many hospitals when a patient is put into observation and the staff

start to prick with their hypodermic needles ... they don’t show much empathy. It looks as empathy

is lost on the run to create a fascinating technological health system ... and robots are coming.

OK, it’s true that the health system, with doctors and hospitals, is doing a very good job in terms of our physical life ... but ... what about me and you? Are we lame ducks in the hands of the health system? What we all should do was to do more ourselves, each and all of us, and not rely only on other sources. The nature, with all its wisdom about food and herbs and oils etc., is open for us to use.

But ... we should be aware of what’s going on here in our world. More and more dangerous synthetic chemicals are invented and spread out into food and medicine. - One of my videos; - Art video – Wake up! - A cocktail of synthetic chemicals can be dangerous to us but ... it’s so much money in it for Big Pharma ... so ... what can WE do about it ... ? ... it’s the Bloody Money Power ... you know ... it’s all about money-money-money-money-.............

Yes ... to be conscious about being independent and responsible is a good beginning.

Stay coolIndependence

Posted by genio Thu, June 30, 2016 14:22:31

In the little village where I grew up, a long narrow valley in south of Norway, macho and being tough was the big-big goal to achieve ... fortunately, this wasn't the model for rest of the world but ... yes, it's much of it in our hectic stress world, too much ... and, it would be tragic, I mean: it would be a disaster! ... if it was more ... it's already a disaster ...

It's too much of it ... the macho culture with its violent way of getting power with fear ...

Not easy to push those narrow-minded people aside. They have power with their money and, police and soldiers if people should be too nasty ... yes, they cling to their navels as bees to honey ...

What to do with it? Just give a damn and try to float away as good as possible in positivism and licking cream ... fly as butterflies from flower to flower to fulfill our need of sweet and delicious times?

I don't find it so easy to just stay cool all the time, and be a witness to all the ignorance and stupidity that's going on ... but ... I try ...