Yes, a hotchpotch of what life tells, no matter controversial or not. When it comes to agreement or not, it'll always be different views on different subjects. That's OK ... that's life.


hotchpotchPosted by genio Wed, May 24, 2017 20:48:34


Say – NO - to be a soldier... say – NO - to be violent and a killer. Without soldiers triggers will never be triggered... without soldiers violence, torture, rape and killing in war situations will never be executed... in fact, it wouldn’t be any war at all.

The leaders had to make their wars themselves and torture, rape and kill themselves. They had to use their tragic weapons themselves. Wouldn’t that be great for the weapon industry?

Wake up before you become a soldiers and, you who are a soldier... get out of it!

Do you understand why?

Do you believe life is that way?

Don’t you know that we; the humankind... have made our own laws, rules and way to think, believe and act?

Soldiers have come into existence in ancient time to serve power-greedy megalomaniacs, who wanted to control and rule to get what they wanted. Soldiers aren’t born soldiers. They’re born as babies with all kind of possibilities if, they’re so lucky to get parents, or others, to guide them to be happy and successful in life... or... the opposite...

Here is one of my videos; - Art video – Enlighten people before they become soldiers - Start with the children - Without brainwashed soldiers, it wouldn’t be any war - Who do the soldiers serve ... ?

Another of my videos; - Art video - Say – NO - to carry a gun - dare to say - NO – Don’t let ignorance and stupidity win – be conscious - It's not easy to stay firmly on your point of views when others, even the society, are against what you mean is right ...

Fill in only if you are not real

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