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hotchpotchPosted by genio Tue, May 16, 2017 17:51:07


Sexuality is just as natural as eating and drinking. The more we cover it up, the dirtier and dangerous it becomes and, can lead to confused, crippled and sick imagination; which lead to fear, explosive violence and uncontrolled aggression; which easily lead to rape and killing. - The more openness, the better.

Stupid, ignorant and pitiful adults make sexuality dirty and dangerous. They hide inside their rigid world and don’t know children and youth look more at porno than at children/youth books. The blindness of the adults is ridiculous in their frenetic ways of controlling what children and youths are allowed to look at and know about.

The core is religions. They are tragic destroyers of natural and healthy living. Religions smoulder beneath their everyday consciousness and make them narrow-minded and condemning. They just blindly follow religious demands of what’s right and wrong, without any reflections about whether it’s right or wrong. They’re indoctrinated and brainwashed from childhood and, carry on with their blind faith and opinion to demand their children and youths to follow what they believe about sexuality. The religious laws and rules about what right and wrong, are deeply rooted in cultures where religions have played havoc with people, whether people still are into a religion or not. It’s old habits and practice which people unconsciously follow.

The day religions are understood for what they are; fiction... sexuality can be looked at as natural with qualities that make children and youths grow into emotions, care and respect as a matter of course – and – when those children and youths grow up and become parents, they’ll treat their children and youths with compassion and respect and... sick behaviour as rape and sexual brutality have the chance to fade away... because... when consciousness about life and living increases in people; thoughts, belief and behaviour will change.

Paradise/Heaven and Hell have come to life through ancient times of fear and suffering as a tool of control for leaders and, as a belief system for salvation and ease of pain and frustrations for followers. Sexual pleasure was doomed as a sin, which resulted in a suppressed natural need ... which created hostility and aggression that ended in abuse, violence and ... wars ... – wake up! ... be natural and masturbate ... !

Sexuality is an important key in our life which should be treated so freely as what it’s meant to be; as valuable insight into our way of being within ourselves and towards others.

Masturbation is a part of sexuality and, gives valuable help for learning about own sexuality.

Don’t support religious ignorance and patriarchal dictatorship --- Learning to know your own sexuality makes you happy and healthy ... did you know that ... ? ... and it’s a gift from the nature ... let’s stop suppressing vital emotions. It leads to illness and violence, rape and further to fight and war ... wake up ... be conscious!

Masturbate every day (if you want) with great joy and ... you’ll end up with ONE BIG SMILE between your ears – remember: happy people don’t harm anyone ... and ... happy people make other people happy ... and ... masturbation is a natural gift ...

Satisfy yourself by loving yourself and no system can break you --- Go for ... as SNUG as a BUG in a RUG ... Satisfaction makes you relaxed throughout your body and soul and aggression fades away as soft cheese on a sunny lazy beach in the ocean of fulfilment you always have been longing for ... it’s natural and ... it’s free ... and you don’t hurt anyone ...

Are we so crashed down by heavy layers of shame and fear of destruction that natural sexual instincts are crippled ... what a pity ... it’s ruthless to deny ourselves pleasure and joy.

When the horrifying, shattering and devastate-twisted puritan morality about sex ... has jumped into the sea ... then ... the best formula - for a good and long life and excellent health – is a happy sexual life & a bubbling laughter ... yes, we yearn for satisfaction ... all the time ... it’s our reason for living ... – that’s why we’re running about on this planet ...

Sex is one of the great stars and sweets in life and, should be honoured and treasured and celebrated as the extremely valuable force it is. What on earth would we do without it – in fact – we would not be here on earth at all if it hadn’t excisted.

... and... it’s about how we think, act and behave according to its dear and priceless power. We should not at all make it dirty and dangerous like religions do. We should applaud it as a great creator of joy and excitement, for happiness, curiosity and precious temptation, needed for inspiration in our daily life. A boost for an often, too often, dull and boring everyday day.

We have to grow up and stop going into those stupid religions and, taste the fruits of freedom.

Let’s take care of sexuality as the great spark of life it is and, run freaky wild in our imagination among the tempting bodies that move about us... but... it’s a but here... a BIG BUT and, it has to do about respect and care for others. Hurting others in any violent way tells how little developed we are. It’s on a low level of development in intelligence and self-control that we hurt others because of our own urge for satisfaction.

Don’t be such a shit that you force yourself upon others because you can’t control yourself.

Masturbation is a marvellous way to learn about own sexuality and, it’s so much more important to masturbate than to explode your horny need onto others and hurt them. Release your pressure by masturbate instead of being violent and ignorant in hurting others, by abusing others sexually ... that’s just too stupid, too ignorant and too cowardly and, only show how weak you are to control yourself and respect others... how would you like anyone to do anything to you that you don’t want?

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