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Where is all this greed coming from? Greed for money and status, for being the best, a celebrity, a leader, an officer ... we’re knocking each other down, spitting, condemning, backbiting, kicking, beating and other ways to show off.

Money and status as a cover up? A cover up for a painful inferiority complex? A cover up for deep wounds and traumas from childhood? A cover up for a shaky fear that lives in nooks and corners within?

Pitiful people, who feel small, inferior and more or less worthless, do what they can to be rich. They use money, in their frustrated world within, to try to legitimate that they’re valuable and important.

One of my videos; - Art video - The Super Rich ... who are they behind their masks ...?

It’s like sitting in the kindergarten, in the sandpit, screaming for getting attention, knocking other sandpit inhabitants in their head, bullying, because ... it’s the big thing in life to be something special, yes ... we crave for fame and glory and plenty-plenty many-much money if we in our childhood have been crushed down as a insignificant fool and a nobody by folly and senseless parents, siblings and/or surroundings. Not strange we wish to be accepted as something special ... it’s a healthy sign. The only ‘thing’ is that; is our cravings for being accepted and loved based on fear ... or love? --- Fear makes us being vampires with money as the great helper to be accepted and loved ... whilst ... love make us give with empathy out of compassion, without money or status or any other way of using crutches from our physical life, for being accepted and loved.

A crashed, smashed and pulverized self-image from childhood may follow us all life and, we run as hysterics, as rigid opportunists to get attention, being accepted and loved because we didn’t get it as love seeking children. Most children get food and shelter, not love, care and acceptance for the special individual he/she is ... then ... we run about rest of our life to be accepted and loved. What we missed in the childhood, we seek to fulfil when we grow into adulthood ... and later on...

I paste my video – ‘Dear Parents’ – here ... to tell how important it is to use compassion and respect when children grow up. I use myself as an example but, I know it’s, unfortunately, too many others who have experienced upbringing as me and, even worse.----- Art video - Dear parents, teach your children love and care, not fear and despair. Don’t let your children get a life feeling worthless and inferior ...

Some people are so ran down and destroyed in their childhood that they end up as bullies, torturers, killers. Some are so hungry for controlling others because; they’ve been so controlled as a child that, they yearn for being something important where they can give orders to others ... different professions or occupations as officers, directors, leaders, owners ... it’s a desirable elevation within the personality. They want to show the world that they’re clever and important etc.

And ... money is the big ‘redeemer’ ... money gives the status that tells that one is valuable. That is the tragedy.

Money is the great big-big entrance to be visible and important. Money is power and power is money. They who yearn to be leaders know that ... it’s about buying and selling on a crooked road towards more and more money and power.

One of my videos; - Art video – Bags of money democracy - Yes, power and influence are for sale - Democracy ? ... who governs USA ... Europe ... China ... India ... and so on, from behind the stage ? Politicians get power and end up as puppets for money ... do you doubt it ...? - In the absence of contrary evidence I just have to be a sceptic non-believer ...

Sex is another way to show off and, money comes with it, then status and the feeling of being something really special. The urge for being admired is so strong that they stop at nothing to being focused and praised.

When the idol is all about being special in our physical world, money is the magnet that lifts you above others and, you can swim about in your self-indulgent and self-glorification world, believing everyone envy you...

... but ... yes, of course, it’s much you can do with money. Money isn’t a bad and naughty devil. It’s all about how we look at ourselves, money and life.

But ... what money usually does to people isn’t nice, when focus is only at our physical world. Money doesn’t make you happy. A Spanish man I talked with now and then, when I and my fiancé lived in Spain, told us that a friend of him had committed suicide ... and he could not understand why because, his friend had so much money.

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