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Curse&Swear school

hotchpotchPosted by genio Wed, May 24, 2017 19:45:33

Curse&Swear school

When you’re in a room with debris, dust, dirt, filth, muck, rubbish, trash, tripe, bilge, junk, scrap, mess, muddle, shambles, clutter, disorder, cobweb, mould, moss and more shit, shit, shit... chaos, chaos and... want to feel better than staying in the room when it’s in that condition... then, of course, you have to clean it out.

Then clean it out! How? Throw it all out! Maybe you need much strength and doing it in unconventional ways but... if you want to clean it out, you have to do what’s needed to get it out.

Afterwards you can feel free and comfortable and have a good time.

Now... use the room as a symbol of yourself. Within you is all this rubbish and shit from yesterdays and past, all the way down to your childhood and, even from you were a foetus in your mother’s womb, and then discovered signs and emotions and thoughts etc. aggression, joy, frustration, fear etc. and... you learned, copied, from it and adopted it as how life was. What you learned was melted in as instincts and patterns as the real truth about life. Instincts and patterns you should use, probably, rest of your life.

– How else could a foetus... and later, as a baby... and later, as a child... react? The foetus/baby/child did what it could to learn about the new dimension it should live in. It was in the hands of parents or... other people, if it was no parents living and, other people were around the baby/child when it grew up. It just had to copy as much as possible in its process of learning. ----- That’s how we create our personality. Anyone can develop into a saint or an evil killer... it depends much about how our childhood and upbringing were.

The issue is; how were your childhood and upbringing... which created your instincts and patterns you should use as a base in your life in your life ahead?

How shall you get rid of, throw out, the chaotic debris in your personality? Yes... you have to clean it out and... change your instincts and patterns...

A splendid solution is to curse and swear. Jump into the worst taboo words you ever have learned and... use them with creativity and power. Be creative... you may fall on your back and laugh as a wriggling and curious child, wild and crazy, and that’s a good start.

One important point is;... you shall do it in your mind! In your MIND! That’s crucial! You’re not supposed to walk and run about and curse&swear as a newly inflated tyre. That’s not the idea.

The reason for cursing&swearing is to clean out the chaotic debris that guides your life from the deep instincts and patters, the instincts and patterns which may guide your life in directions you don’t like when you grow into adulthood and further.

Maybe you feel you’re stuck in developing into new ways of expressing yourself because of feeling inferior, not good enough, too shy, to aggressive, dispirited, too disappointed of life, too much ‘everlasting’ resistance, feeling like a failure... too little money to carry out what’s needed and necessary to embark on old wishes and dreams?... or... other reasons?

If you going to get any kind of success, you have to change your old instincts and patters, your old ways of reactions and behaviour, your old way of thinking and acting... to say it simple; you have to change.

It’s so much more in this changing project but, it’s something you have to experience yourself if you start...

The reason for cursing&swearing is to open up for suppressed emotions in past. The suppressed emotions are what stop you to achieve what you yearn for. When your old ways of living haven’t made you content to reach what you search for.... you have to, of course, change. You must break out from the narrow-minded road you’ve followed so far or, it won’t work.

Most of us are filled with what’s right and wrong, indoctrinated through the years. Being decent and kind and always positive is taught to be the ABC in life, for most of us. Maybe it’s not like that? We can be scared to death by naughty taboo words we never-ever shall use because, it’ll do us no good... we’re taught. Maybe it’s not like that?

To keep down the taboos in deep rooms and chambers within, makes us live with fear as the base of our personality. Fear imprisons us, makes us feel worthless and insecure and, we‘re afraid what others may say and think about us. The freedom to let free flow open up for giddiness and crazy curiosity, no matter how where it will lead or end, has to live without chains of decency and framework... and yes... taboos strangle and lock up for the free flow and... the spark of life has to walk on the toes... --- That doesn’t give much creative power to go into challenges.

I’ve to say that the best is... to learn to be relaxed... really relaxed. Going about with suppressed emotions make you tense, make tensions move about in your mind and, it puts you into nervous thoughts and behaviour, afraid of being yourself, the one you really are. Stress, stress, stress... one of our worst enemies. Throws us into physical and mental illness with hysteric nerve system and cramps and... you end up in not knowing who you are, how, what and why you are and, the confusion easily put you into submission of others, of systems... religions, political systems, controlled dictator systems... and you may en up as a kind, sweet and loyal follower. --- What a shame – where are you?

One of my videos; - Art video - Find your own truth. By following books and leaders in religions or other systems etc. you suppress yourself as the unique person you are and ... you carry out what others look at as their own advantage ... take care of yourself ...

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Another video - Art video - Each and one of us are unique. Behind all distorted talks and beliefs in religious scriptures and other kind of mythology, legends and systems, we are unique beings. We should know ourselves, who and what we are, why and how we are, to find the real spark and source of ourselves.

Yes, others are out to oppress you. That’s a way of life which make a few take advantage of all. Control and dictations, different systems to put people into a flock of sheep so the leaders can exploit them and... get money-money-money and status and power... and... taboos are a sneaky and effective way to oppress people...

... And, an effective way/technique to throw away the taboos which oppress you, which make you suppress your emotions, your free flow of emotional life and... sets you free... is... to curse&swear.

Go on; curse&swear and use your imagination to make it ridiculous fascinating liberating... yes, remember: in your MIND. You don’t have to scream it out to the world.

And... one little last ‘thing’; - Forgive yourself... remember to forgive yourself that you curse&swear as a berserk. Put yourself to school; your own private curse&swear school.

The Negative Manifesto

Get out the shit that imprisons you! Dare to be free! - If you’re afraid of negativity, you’re afraid of life –

-- I'm walking about and wondering why all this tragic people and events - too much power to the positive male force - it ends in violence and wars when greed and envy hide behind the scenes --- Why all this positivism? Speeches, articles, books etc ... all about positivism! Why not look at the other side of life? - The underestimated negative female force – To get out your garbage within, your suppressed emotions, traumas etc. you must use the negative force in your mind ... Go to the curse&swear school in your mind – and - get freedom and peace within ...

- This fear for taboos and whatever should be negative, what’s in it? --- Are you afraid of swearing and saying, even thinking, 'bad' words? Then use them and be free of the prison of taboos - Be 'The Little Philosophical Trickster' within... get out your garbage within you, your suppressed emotions, traumas etc... use the negative force in your mind!

- Negativism is the female power. It has been subdued and made ridiculous - as a force which is not worth giving confidence. It is made out to be inferior and pitiable, useless and unstable when it comes to important decisions.

The female power uses emotions as a measure to develop insight and wisdom. It has intuition as a connection to our soul. Our guidance in life rests on the female’s capability to hint us through our intuition. --- – To get out your garbage within, your suppressed emotions, traumas etc. you must use the negative force in your mind ... yes, use it in your mind, not out onto others ... use it in your mind!