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Religion or Freedom

hotchpotchPosted by genio Thu, May 18, 2017 17:11:35

Religion or freedom.

It’s unbelievable that billions of people are hypnotized and duped by religions but, we’re on different levels of evolvement here on this earth. Many people need others to follow, think for them, make decisions for them and control them. They are slaves, unknowingly, and don’t understand about freedom and independence. They can be dangerous by totally accept what might be demanded of them by the religion they submit to.

Why not ban religions? All over the world. Then no one would be fooled around by fiction books with fiction persons and, no one could demand anyone to do what a religious system claimed was right or wrong. People had to find out by themselves what life is about. Kids had to learn from parents, siblings and surroundings. Nature would get more power.

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Freedom can’t be achieved in any religious system. Religions deny freedom to live and flourish. Religions and freedom don’t fit together ... freedom is liberty from any systems that’ll enslave us.

Shouldn’t it be freedom to everyone regardless who you are; race, creed, culture, gender, sexual attraction and, where you live... ? ... then it’s possible for respect and equality to flourish and justice can go hand in hand with freedom .... isn’t that a road to peace for us here in our world ?

Religions focus heaven and hell, good and evil as reward and punishment and, that way enslaves people to follow rules to go for heaven and the good and, scare people about hell and evil. It crates fear.

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The stupidity of religions is so stupid that one can laugh... or... maybe cry?

What we’re indoctrinated and copied from childhood on is just very hard to change. If you are indoctrinated to be a Muslim, you follow it... or a Christian, you’ll follow it, believe in it... or a Jew, you’ll believe the world is like Judaism tells... or... another religion or system... that’s just stupid, ignorant and ridiculous.

It shows how much power it is in a system. Then we should wake up and ask questions about it but... no... if the system has been too hard indoctrinated and copied as the truth and only the truth since childhood, the followers believe it’s how life is, how life functions etc. ---- That’s scary.

To make those brainwashed believers believe in freedom? That doesn’t seem likely. Religions outsmart people, bump people off... and the winners are the leaders of the religions while the followers are the losers. It’s once more just stupid, ignorant and ridiculous.

It tells how unconscious we human beings are. It really looks like we’re unable to handle indoctrination and brainwash, unable to understand what freedom is compared to slavery. The difference should be obvious but, it isn’t. The master behind is; fear. The systems use fear as the whip. Fear is a fantastic and fascinating tool. It makes people kneel down, trembling of fear, of what could happen to them if they don’t do this and that, right or wrong etc.

Islam. Religions are open for child marriage. From 7 years old girls to marry and start sexual intercourse when they are 9 years old... yes that’s Islam and Mohammad... permission of paedophilia to the joy of adult men.

Judaism also gives permission to marry young girls, from 3 to 12 years old, but, the Torah and Talmud in Judaism tell the written, and oral, words is about interpretation individually and/or, by the Rabbis... to say it simple. The right and wrong are very confusing in a broad term because, the individual interpretation all the way goes to the best of the individual ... it means; it’s all up to the individual to interpret the written/oral words the way the individual wants.

Christianity. The Bible has stated; when the girl attained the age for lovemaking, after her breast had grown and pubic hairs, these are some signs of puberty and, marriage and sex is legal. In Medieval times girls were often married between the ages of 5 and 10 and, could find themselves widowed while they still were in their teens. In 1576, ages of consent in the American colonies were generally set at 10 or 12.

In the religions the girl/woman is the man’s property. What do you think about that?

It’s so much to say about religions and the issue about child marriage and sex, and also about abuse and sex, that I let it be up to anyone who wants more information about it, to look for themselves.

Why on earth can’t people find out about life themselves and, not follow books and others... -?-

WAKE UP! --- Understand what’s behind these rigid and misanthropical systems.