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Unconscious life

hotchpotchPosted by genio Sat, May 13, 2017 21:46:04

Unconscious life.

You can’t trust anyone. Anyone who gets a chance to get money, will lie and cheat if they need to get money. Humans are a pitiful race. For instance; - Food producers lie to sell their products. Write false information on the labels or, avoid writing about toxic and harmful ingredients in their products. They don’t care if you get ill. They don’t eat the food themselves... did you know that?

When it comes to money, it’s so many crooks that it’s impossible to find honest people. If people don’t want to buy farming fish, but only want fish which is labelled; wild... the producers write ;wild on the labels of farming fish. It’s simple as that.

Greed and stress is growing faster and faster. Don’t trust anyone. Know that people are clever to use masks to gain what they want.

I’m into a supermarket to buy food. People around me grab and grasp their products without looking at labels, only put it in their shopping trolley. Run between the shelves and pick their food unconsciously. Unconscious people. Yes, it’s a reason why obesity and diabetes have exploded, among other illnesses. Doctors and Big Pharma rub their money hands together and, it’s needed more and more hospital beds.

Are we stupid or just ignorant?

Where is this coming from... why have we been like this? Have we always been like this? What about being aware and take care of ourselves? Yes, those who in their childhood only got food and shelter from their parents and, not love, care and compassion... are blind. They live in their brain with fear in their spine and, don’t understand what’s the best for them. They have never experienced closeness and care and don’t understand love and emotions. They only stress ahead in their life and fill their shopping trolleys with junk food. Do you see the point?

Everyone exploit each other. It’s vampires everywhere. Energy vampires. They give you a smile and, when you open up to them because of their smile, they run into your energies and grab what they can of energy. Energy vampires; - You’ve maybe noticed that together with some people you get an uplift while, among others you feel drained and exhausted. – As well as it’s energy vampires it’s also money vampires. It’s the same with their way to exploit others for money. They make nice packages with nice smell, taste and good looking products and, they grab your money when you open up for their cheap tricks.

This sad and tragic money greed begins when people are children. Children are beaten, kicked, shouted at, bullied... by unconscious parents. The children grow up and fear and displeasure burn within, make them greedy for being accepted and loved and, money is the answer... to get money and BE something, something great, the greatest of the greatest... here is one of my videos about the fascinating subject; - Art video - The greatest of the greatest ...

Yes it’s to show off to hide the aching inferiority complex the parents inflicted upon them... but, in fact, it only shows how pitiful they are but... they don’t know.

Our time. Short-minded, narrow-minded, blind... the more materialism the worse everyone becomes. Brainless, brain-dead puppets to serve politicians and the rich ones. Leaders turn into greedy dictators. The leaders can’t handle the power they get and become megalomaniacs and, the rich ones support them ‘cause, the megalomania-leaders support the rich ones. They support each other to common gain.

And... they have police and soldiers to do their dirty job, which is to put down any dangerous revolt against them which can threaten their power. They excuse it by saying we all need to maintain law and order, order and discipline. Police and soldiers can easily be brainwashed fools of the nation... bullies, puppies, robots that blindly follow orders to protect the greedy ones.

We need politicians; - Art video - ... yes, we need politicians ... someone has to do that job ... but ... are they capable to do it? - It doesn't look like that ... we have to make our voices heard ...

But, sometimes and, very often, I get pissed off because of politicians. I guess it isn’t easy to be a politician and satisfy everyone. I’m glad I’m not a politician; - Art video - Power makes people corrupt ... as we understand when we focus leaders – hopes crumble ... is it ever possible to trust politicians ... ? ... maybe they’ve eaten to much brain-damaging food and swallowed too much mind-blowing medicine ?

It’s easy to observe our world has been more and more sick because of money. We eradicate ourselves because of our short circuited behaviour. Running wild for money! Air, water, soil.. are already more or less poisonous and, it continues... very fast... in fact, faster and faster but, how many care about it?

When people get the chance to cheat and lie to get money, they do it. Is that too stupid to say? Sometimes I believe it’s right, other times I believe it’s wrong. It has to do with how much information I stumble across about what’s going on behind closed doors. People wear masks. One thing is what they say and do, another thing is what they go for behind a nice and falsely affected ‘honesty’ mask.

Do fair and square people, with honesty and integrity, really exist? I just wonder. I can’t say yes or no about that, according to all the people I’ve met in life. I just say I’m very much in doubt because, if someone gets the chance to get some money extra, the person may easily cheat and/or lie... just a little? Yes, they would tell themselves so, in order to excuse themselves. What if they got the chance to get hold on millions of sparkling money? Maybe they would cheat and lie a ‘little’ more?

Why should I believe in people, believe they’re honest and straight, when I hear and read so much about lying and cheating and horrible things people do because of money... and even when it’s not about money? The human nature is unsteady, inconstant, vacillating, wavering and weak, among too many other aspects and, it’s also about sly, malicious, evil, wily, devious... yes, just to mention a few, among many other tragic characteristics about us humans. I know it’s also about the opposite but, that’s very much on the positive wishing side of reality... from what I understand; it’s about masks.

I can’t swear to that it’s not possible to get friends, really good friends... I just say; be aware. Better to be too negative than too positive. People are people... especially when it comes to money.

I’ written a song and made a video of it; No money no friends; - Art video - With no money I’m looked at as a misfit and worthless person crawling on the bottom of life ...

It’s said: If you give them the little finger, they grab the whole hand. – Yes, that’s a good allegory when it comes to money. Reality is something else than positive wishing dreams about how life and people should have been. The faster we understand it, the faster we can get a realistic grip of life and, probably go on on a better way than being blue-eyed and positive to all and everything. Drop positivism in the toilet and flush down and, take a good look at being negative compared to the life we’re living.

Discover what we’ve done to our earth. If you didn’t know it already. Greed has caused destruction to our base for nourishment for a long time and, it continues in a faster and faster tempo. The oceans are more and more filled with plastic of all kind and forms. The seabed is destroyed many places in the world because of careless fishing. Fishes and sea creatures are infected by discharge of toxic substances. The toxic waste has mutated plants and all living life in oceans. Fishes without eyes, fishes with no sexual organs, bisexual fishes and... so much, much more and, we have it on land among birds and animals and all kind of living creatures and... all the fast growing illnesses among us humans. I’ve just scratched on the tip of the iceberg. It’s just too much for me to go into here but, yes... it’s alarming... in fact, much more than alarming. --------- But, I guess very few cares about it and, I guess little will be done about it because of... money.

Besides all this, we know more and more about the cruelty of birds and animals. In the most awful and horrible ways, birds and animals are treated as nonexistent life before they get slaughtered... for the sake of earning most possible money in shortest possible time. It’s a shame... all of this but, who cares? Who stops it? The birds’ and the animals’ horrible pain and suffering are like a non-existent subject.

We should stop eating meat. From my point of view; we’re herbivores, not omnivores. Our digestive system is created for vegetables, fruit, nuts, seed etc. We may eat meat but, it’s not good for us. Many of our illnesses have come because of meat eating.

Is it true that only stupid and ignorant people eat meat? I don’t know. Once upon a time I was eating meat too. Am I stupid and ignorant then? I don’t know because; a fool doesn’t know he’s a fool. --- But, eating meat degenerates natural sensitivity and valuable insight of life and living ... and you end up being stupid and ignorant ... is it just logic or, funny or, tragic? Is it true?

No matter truth or not. I made one of my songs into a video; - Art video – Wake up! --- Don’t support horrifying and barbaric violence! - Abusing, maltreating, torturing and killing birds and animals and other of our fellow beings are BIG business ... money money money ... and, for sure ... we don’t need meat. – Meat eating is an old habit from long-ago-years, way back to ancient time ... but ... today we know, it’s not good for us. ----- Learn mercy for our fellow beings ....learn to love our fellow beings ... let’s protect and respect our friends and be human ...

Another meat song I put into video; - Art video – We’re created as beings living from what grows in nature. We may wish something else but, it’s only a wish ... the reality is that our digestive system is made for eating resources growing in the nature. Dairy is not good for us either ... – All kind of illnesses follow when we eat meat and dairy. - Investigate ... find out what’s best for you. Don’t be a slave of your palate, habits, culture ... don’t let others dupe you...

We should wake up more than ever. The food producers have found their golden rule by putting drugs into their products to make people addicted to their products. It’s a rotten business but, they don’t care. The more people who are hooked by their products, the more sales and... yes, mucho money-money-money! And the producers are happy! ----------- But, have we become stupid?

As consumers, we have to wake up and say no, by stopping buying products which contain toxic synthetic chemicals. We can’t call and cry for responsibility from the producers of food and pharmaceutical products ‘cause, they don’t care. Food producers and Big Pharma have their fingers into the spine of politicians. The lobby business is flourishing. Politicians swim about among keen lobbyists who are tempting with all kinds of materialistic miracles; houses, cars, ships, planes, holidays... and... money-money-money!

Yes, slowly but surely, our base of nutrition is breaking down on earth. When all people are lying in beds in hospitals, food producers and Big Pharma can have their grandiose celebration but, of course, soon they will end in hospital beds too because, in the end, they have to eat and drink their own shit. --- Even crooks and psychopaths will suffer and, that’s good ... I like that... when the stupid and ignorant greedy taste his/her own medicine.

I’ve put one of my psychopath songs into video; - Art video - Psychopaths are queuing to get power to show themselves how great they are ... and are nasty when it’s too much resistance ... they’re good to flatter ... they’re in their right element as leaders and controllers ...

And one more about crooks and psychopaths... - Art video - Chaotic and hysterical people fight for money and power ... a disgrace ... as parasites on humanity they’re a tragedy ... – I wonder if humanity one day will sort it out and put them into their sandboxes where they belong ...