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artPosted by genio Tue, May 16, 2017 17:40:15

Art and entertainment

Isn’t it a different between art and entertainment? Should we put art and entertainment together? How can a child understand art... (if it’s about understanding art?)... when art tells about deep emotional problems and solutions for those who seek inwards to understand her/himself and life. How can a child understand this? It’s in fact a difference between a child and an adult.

We can open up for barriers between art and entertainment but, for what reason? Let children and adults decide themselves.

It’s a difference between art and art, then I mean between art and design. Design today is put into the same category as art. Can children understand design... or just enjoy what they see or touch... if it’s sculptors and other objects? Yes, they can experience ‘something’, both when it comes to art and design but, what does that tell and what does it prove? It doesn’t mean that art is design and design is art.

... and children can experience and enjoy music but, what kind of music? Beethoven, Mozart, Grieg or Tchaikovsky... I guess children are more eager about other kind of music. Disneyland and pop music are more exciting...

Why do some academics try to put art and entertainment together? Are they trying to drag art into entertainment to prove that they are artists when they just splash and throw lines and colours on a paper or canvas, or throw bricks on the floor... in hysteric acts to be focused and adored, acclaimed as artists?

Do they mean that artists should be as children and create that way... without absorption and reflections about life and living?

An academic wrote an article; “Let art be entertainment” and, ended it like this: - “Is it time to let art into entertainment and to dare to concentrate on art as it really should be... in fact a kind of entertainment?”

Then I fell off my chair and on my way down to the floor I thought; Typical academics... their way of present art to people, by jumping about as fiercely chicken and goats and spatter ink and painting in north and south and east and west... yes, funny and very important for those who have to freak out from bottled up emotions and... when I hit the floor I just relaxed and opened myself to the floor, lying in silence without frustrations about right and wrong, smiling entranced to myself... I was thinking: ”So what? Let them do and think what they want. I follow my own rules.”

And honestly... I live my life with my own way of expressing myself without going to the great depths about what’s art and entertainment. Am I an artist? That doesn’t matter. I’ll hang my philosophy about life and art on the wall and relax. No more fight about right and wrong.

But now, I’m walking into my garden of Surrealism, no matter if it’s art or entertainment.

- Art video - I don't wanna be fooled by myself and jump into a super-positivism world where everything is supposed to be cream and honey-bubbles ... no ... I rather aim for floating about in the Garden of Surrealism ...

But... I’ve to say that art and entertainment are not the same. They’re really two contrasts. To merge art an entertainment together is unconscious.

Leaders and rich people want people to get as much entertainment as possible. It’s to drown people into entertainment. Then important issues about how to rule and make laws and use executive power and taking advantage of favourable possibilities behind the scenes, can be done without any criticism and resistance. Dope the people with entertainment – it gives leaders and money greedy ones free hands to influence where they want without troublesome interference from people.

Entertainment is for people to relax and have fun, excitement and other kinds of emotional reactions. Art is created with completely different intensions. Art is created as an expression of inner frustrations or, anger or, joy or, satisfaction or... yes, inner experiences of emotional expression, which will tell what is going on behind the everyday masks we use to hide ourselves... in fear of being uncovered as a person with insecurity and low self-image.

Art takes its stand on openness and honesty in its expressions, with seriousness as an important part of life. That’s in contradiction with what entertainment is about. Entertainment can also dip into seriousness and tragedies etc. besides stupidity and superficial expressions but, it’s meant as expressions for not be taken seriously and realistic for teaching about life. Life isn’t only a big entertainment. For those who don’t know and, haven’t experienced something else, entertainment is everything but, for those who have experienced life through many events and resistance... know something else.

Life isn’t only to put all and everything into the same sack and believe we’re all the same. We’re for sure different and, that’s what makes life to something more than a flow of similarities. Some aspects in life demands more insight into our complex emotions and mind than other aspects.

I’m pasting one of my videos about art... as a curiosity; - Art video - The rapture and power of freedom is as madness in highest potency ... a force that even gods can’t prevent ... it’s fantastic to enjoy the freedom of madness and, the madness of freedom, by expressing what you are excited about ...

I don’t see art as entertainment, as fireworks and galloping positivism. Art is about emotions and life... art is about what life is about. It doesn’t matter if you understand it or not. We’re all here in life to learn about life and develop as much as possible, if we open up for it. To learn might be difficult. That’s why so many of us meet so much hardship, so much resistance that, some choose to commit suicide. Life isn’t just a happy-hoppy time of entertainment.

Those who want to mix art and entertainment together may do it as much as they can but... it’s other aspects of life that always will be with us. It may be tempting trying to live a superficial and positive life by suppressing pain, wounds and resistance but, we’re created to make free flow of energy, emotions and mind for the sake of well being and developing. If we stop it by suppressing the negative side of life, we interrupt our natural self and end up with different illnesses and aching health.

As a comment... negativity, being negative, thinking what’s believed is negative, acting what’s believed is negative, let negativity have any influence on decisions, let negativity be a final decision in a case, use negativity as an argument, dare to be negative... and everything else where negativity shows its face... is not negative! It’s, in fact, natural for the sake of balance between negativity and positivism. Being positive, always positive, is for sure negative but, our culture is so brainwashed by the patriarch systems that, the belief system in people can’t understand anything else than; positivism is right in life.

Art can be both negative and positive but... entertainment must never be negative! It shall always be positive... period!

Art and entertainment don’t fit together.

The positive snake sneaks in everywhere and gives its toxic positivism-poison wherever it’s possible.

Fill in only if you are not real

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