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It's so many ways of expression when it comes to, using oneself the way the passion directs the moment one is into ... intuition is a golden key ...


artPosted by genio Sat, May 06, 2017 22:41:12


My journey for a place to settle down, had started many years before I moved to London together with my fiancé, genia. I had hitch-hiked about in Scandinavia as a troubadour, lived in Italy and visited Paris and other places in Europe, travelled about as a sailor around the globe ... Europe, Middle East, Far East, USA... yes, I ended up in UK ...

My song/video; - Art video - From Norway to UK - Travelling about in the world and ... ended up in UK ...

We had moved from Norway to Spain, to Costa del Sol, and hoped to establish us as artists there but, foreigners who had settled down in Spain were interested in sun and wine, not art, and the Spanish were interested in materialism, not art about life and death etc. and, what a joke to believe that anyone had interest in self-development!

After one year we decided we had to find another place to earn money on our art. --- Before we were completely broke we moved to London. Wasn’t it better chances in a big city like London?

From what I knew, London was a fascinating city when it came to art. Our expectations were huge when we moved into the city. So many possibilities ... we were sure to find one or another way to earn money from our art. With millions of people gathered it should be possible? And ... we had confidence in our art.

A song about London and our expectations; - Art video - London ... a melting pot for all kinds of people ...

We experienced more than we would believe could be possible, from struggle and disappointments to miracles and tragedies ... but also joy and love ...

I wrote it down in a book;


Fill in only if you are not real

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