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Affordable prices/art

artPosted by genio Sat, April 29, 2017 19:22:51

Affordable prices

Brain-people have taken over art. Brain ruled academics. Art today is supposed to be ‘brain-stretching’ … it has nothing to do with sensitivity, with emotional sparks of life within us ... on the contrary … the more barren and sterile, the better. The focus is at the physical world. It’s not about self-examination, self-realization or other ways of getting insight within for the sake of self-development.

Here is one of my videos; - Art video - What is art today? Where are we in our art expressions? Who is an artist - who is not? Brain people believe art is understanding ... as believing a song of a bird is to understand but, then the beauty and magic of the song and, the bird, disappear – art is an experience as sensitivity gives insight of life ...

Art in the forms of installation and sculpture, are for the experience of something different from daily life and yes, that’s interesting as a life-boost, like travelling about in the world and experience new surroundings and new ways of behaviour etc. yes, that’s important in everyone’s life, to expand life experiences ... but ... is it art? It may be called art in the definition of what’s called art today ... but ... is it art in the sense of investigate within to find out of one self, life and death and, deep experiences of emotional life? No, I don’t find any justification or argument for that.

I believe, more or less, I understand those who are stuck in their brain, in their mind. They stick together in their knowing that they’re better and more important than others ... especially equipped with qualities which is far more on a higher level than others ... yes, the ‘chosen ones’ ... the elite ... with a super intellect ... --- closing themselves into small cliques with quasi-intellectual attitude towards everyone. They’re so over talented, so over important in their snobbish and arrogant belief about themselves that it’s funny ... and it’s pitiful.

We have become more and more robot like, less and less human. Carl Gustav Jung, the psychologist, on one of his travels, met a shaman in Colombia. The shaman said to him “You, the white man, has put everything up-side-down. Those you give rewards and honour, we treat as sick people. Those we give rewards and honour, you treat as sick people.” --- With those words he told that we, the white ones, honour brain-people and put sensitive people in different hospitals and wards.

The academies teach the students about the physical approach to art, not about the emotional, psychological and spiritual doors to open and investigate. Then common people have lost their interest of art and call it rubbish and stupid and madness, crazy etc. They’re fed up and bored of stupid artists who only want to attract attention to themselves by being crazy and wild. Yes, we’ve seen ‘artists’ shit on the floor and pee on the walls, nailing tables to the wall an hanging chairs from the ceiling. When creating something on a paper or a canvas, they do whatever they can to attract focus to themselves, no matter what the result on the paper or canvas is.

Here is one of my videos; - Art video - Cinepoetry - Is art rubbish ...

... but, life is within us, not in the outside surroundings which the brain is occupied of. The academics are losing themselves in the outside physical world when they use their brain as their master ... but ... they don’t understand it.

And … the ‘artists’ fight to sell their art, as well as galleries and art dealers do it, by screaming out ‘you can get original art to affordable prices – buy affordable art!’.

The tragedy is that the artists downgrade themselves and art in general, with good help from galleries and art dealers. Art has become business on a low level … it’s about money, not about the value of genuine, honest and self-examination to get insight about life, expressed through art. --- But … of course, who cares about that?

But … the academics defend it with tooth and nail … you know, everything can be excused.

Yes … brain-people have taken over our civilisation and made us idiots. No more sensitivity, only numbers, schemes, forms, schedules, tables etc. to put people into regulated rubrics … to get the control. It makes us hard and rigid with no empathy.

Albert Einstein said about the technological development that, it will end up in creating generations of idiots – with those words he predicted that cold and analytical brain-people would take over and make us slaves of the rigid brain … as we see today.

Brain related qualities drain our natural life. We become hysterical hunters for money and status. We don’t understand what life is anymore.

----- I saw a video from National Gallery. A man stood in the main entrance, ready to move into the gallery. He started. Ran as fast as he could into the gallery, ran all the way through the gallery and stopped outside the exit door. He had been through the National Gallery, no doubt about that and, it was done in record time. In record time he had experienced all the art in the gallery ... yes, it was brain-stretching in the way academics love it. ----- To experience as much as possible in shortest possible time. ----- That’s a typical way to think and behave for brain-people and, when they occupy art and call themselves artists, art has lost its identity ... it has become an empty shell.

----- (To experience as much as possible in shortest possible time) -----. I and my fiancé, went to Tate Modern a few months after we came to London. We had heard much about the gallery and wanted to experience it ourselves. We went about and looked at artworks on the walls. After a while we went out through an exit doorway to sit down in the cafeteria outside the exit doorway. I wanted to absorb what I had seen and talk about it with my fiancé. After a cup of coffee, we went back through the exit doorway we had gone through. We wanted to see more.

When we came inside, a female guard stopped us and told us that we couldn’t come into the gallery via the exit doorway. We hadn’t thought about it that way. Since we had paid our tickets and were on our art journey in the gallery, we just wanted to go out for a cup coffee in the side room and, in again afterwards ... but ... it wasn’t as simple as that.

I explained to the woman that we didn’t know about the rule about going out and in again through the exit doorway. She didn’t listen to that. I told her that we had gone through the gallery entrance, delivered out tickets and, had already seen some art but, wanted to see more after we had absorbed our impressions with a cup of coffee. She didn’t listen to that. I continued to explain but, she didn’t listen, didn’t give any understanding. A male guard, with very visible muscle attitude, came and stopped behind us, watching us.

If we wanted to be in the gallery, we had to go out the exit doorway and into the gallery’s main entrance again. It meant that we had to buy new tickets. That was a catastrophe for us. We didn’t have money for that. We were on the bottom of any money level. Had lived in London for some months in a small studio together with what we had of belongings and artworks ... hardly money to rent, almost no money for food ... and ... no money to buy new tickets to come into the gallery again. We had been extremely proud to pay our tickets when we arrived, and money for a cup of coffee to each of us and ... now?

That’s it! We were thrown out of Tate.

What we experienced was something totally different from what the man experienced by running through the National Gallery. Art is brain and stress for the academic brain-people. It’s about the physical world, to see without experience. Brain and stress are the academic way of express and experience art. --- My way is to see and absorb what I see, to get an experience of what I have seen. I focus emotions while academics focus brain.

An academic can never recognize or get insight to sensitivity; to understand an artist as me ... we’re living on two different planets.

Yes, they can sell their interpretation of what art is as affordable art ... which I see as superficial expressions of stressed brains with fear as the foundation in their lives.

They’ve always met me with snobbish arrogance and, they’re always right, never wrong. I’m the one who is wrong in their eyes, yes, brain-people are control freaks and, they take over the culture with their violent ways of using their brain.

Here is one of my videos; - Art video - To be an artist or not to be ...

When it comes to brain-people, art is just one of the losers. Other losers are within health, medicine, food etc. – in their eyes I’m the idiot and they’re the genius.

Today, you need papers, diplomas, certificate, evidence, proof ... that you’ve educated through an academic institution to call yourself an artist. – I’m a self-taught artist and, am pr. definition not an artist. Those who haven’t gone through an academic institution are not an artist ... so ... am I an artist or not? I don’t have any papers, diplomas etc. – Honestly, I don’t care – I’m expressing myself in different forms and ways as a part of my life, not because I want to be called an artist.

If you have time and interest ... here is my and genia's homepage;