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Posted by genio Mon, May 22, 2017 19:50:07


Politicians – It’s not that they’re stupid but... they’re only intelligent... not wise.

I want to focus politicians... politicians who senseless intervene in other people's everyday lives in a very disrespectful manner.

I write this after I learned to know that politicians have tried, and... from what I understand, still will try, to take away the copyright from artists who create their artworks. They’ll transfer the copyright from the creator to the buyer and the employer.

Should I 'speak my mind' - 'speak frankly'? Why not? I am thinking of politicians who will always show themselves how important they are, and therefore initiate laws and rules to tell about their power. They even force their way into what’s best or not when it comes to art and artists.

I don’t want to be pretty and decent with great phrases in speech and expression. I just want to convey what I feel and think as an artist. It doesn’t mean that I will curse and swear, but that I’ll emphasize some expressions, phrases and issues that I think are important. I use words that I think are OK, but it’s for sure that everyone doesn’t agree with me.

Rigid people make others suffers... no, I don’t like those who don’t use care, sensitivity and empathy and, put others into situations that make them go through times of frustration, pain and exhausting stress. Why do many people torment others... make others live a bad and difficult life?

So... to the matter; politicians...

Politicians are not known for being the world's most sensitive people. Often said; "They’re brain stuck," and it's more than truth in it. The brain and nerves versus heart and emotions means; politicians versus artists.

Don’t politicians know artists are humans? Are they not aware that artists can also have adversity, stress, frustration, anger ... pleasure, enthusiasm, happiness, expectations ... etc. It seems that politicians only look at artists like letters and numbers in forms and tables.

What would politicians say if someone made decisions over their heads and wiped out large parts of their economic base? There have to be some who, of course, have greater power than artist have, in proportion to politicians, which have to take such decisions.

Politicians do not understand emotions. They have hidden their emotions deep in the locked and impenetrable vaults inside their stressful psyche, bottled up their emotions for so long that they don’t know about the existence of their emotions. As a protection from their emotions, they stress away from them with excellent trained cover-up-mechanisms within. Stress is the worst reasons for illness and death in our days ... I'm just mentioning it. Politicians have no contact with their emotions, only with their nerves in their deep fear corridors where, pain and old traumas beat and kick to be free from evil wounds and anxious memories of the past.

To take away the rights of what is created by a person, is to take away what’s the birthright of the the person. It’s not very difficult to understand. --- But... some idiots of politicians don’t understand. They should be ashamed and hide away, but these brain-people do not understand. They use numbers, letters, forms, columns, etc. as a guiding principle in life. Then it’s easy to understand they don’t understand.

Why do these narrow-minded politicians have so much power? Isn’t it so that politicians should serve the people ... not the other way around---- Is it because they are so powerful to argue and scream like wild and blind that they can reach so high up on the social climber ladder?

They elbow themselves to influential positions in society to show everyone how important and big they are, because of their aching inferiority complexes. That was very nice said. Sorry, but I have to say I get politicians all the way up in my throat when they come up with such scandalous suggestions as transfer the copyrights from the artists to the employer, the buyer. Are they envious of artists because they themselves are not able to create something that’s valuable? They only go around commanding, playing important.

One should not hide the truth behind masks.

Who are these people inside themselves? If they ever go into themselves for understanding a little bit about themselves? Are they just super-opportunists, act as streakers and status hunters? Again I will say; 'They should be ashamed', but they do not understand what I mean in this context. What can I say then?

Do I offend the politicians? Who is really offending who... when these clueless people try to take a lot of the basis of the economic base from hundreds and thousands of artists? Artists do what they can to maintain their lives from where they are as individual people, and in relation to what they think is best for them to do in their lives. Why do politicians try to punish them in anyway because of that? That’s how it looks like.

This is a hit below the belt from the politicians, but they do not understand it.

Someone will say, or have already said; "How do those politicians dare to... etc." But that just runs off like water of a duck’s back... yes, it’s the matter of thick-headed politicians. Everyone is closest to themselves, applies well when many people are in positions of power, and ... they exploit it as much as possible in their incredible oh so important position -? –

If this is politician smear-campaign, it’s mild compare to what the politicians put into action. What they put into action engages in the artists' everyday life more than what they can understand. Are we not entitled to ’speak our mind’ when someone threatens to steal the fundamental right to own and manage what we create? To make them understand is like to break a pole just by looking at it.

I guess I'm looking like a crazy stallion when I track down those I think should use caution, consideration and gentleness in relation to other people.

I’ve put one of my psychopath songs into video; - Art video - Psychopaths are queuing to get power to show themselves how great they are ... and are nasty when it’s too much resistance ... they’re good to flatter ... they’re in their right element as leaders and controllers ...

And one more about crooks and psychopaths... - Art video - Chaotic and hysterical people fight for money and power ... a disgrace ... as parasites on humanity they’re a tragedy ... – I wonder if humanity one day will sort it out and put them into their sandboxes where they belong ...

Politicians don’t know what and why art exists. They want to be without it. They look at artists as half-nuts or whole-nuts, don’t see the reason for create anything at all, except new laws and... be in power to get as much money and status as possible when they’re politicians. They get confused when it’s talk about art. They have no time for art.

Politicians don’t like conscious people. They don’t like those who criticise them. They don’t like people like artists, journalists, philosophers and, other awakened people. They smile with their masks but, seethe with rage within. If they get the chance, as in dictator systems, they would gladly put those unpleasant bastards in prison and... prosecute them to death sentence, if it was possible.

In a democracy it’s more difficult to imprison non-believers of their system and themselves. They have to play the game of being strong and understandable, that they accept, as a matter of fact, that others have other views than them... but... it’s a mask game.

When I write; artist... I mean artist. Not a ‘flower painter’ and other kind of positivism and superficial expressions from people who try to appear as being an artist. Neither brain-people, mostly academics, who scream to be as ‘brain-stretching’ as possible, to attract focus on themselves as much as possible... in their opportunistic hunger for being accepted, respected, adored and loved. Their expressions go from a dot and/or a line or two, to knick-knack and smearing on a paper or canvas etc, to foolish poems and other kind of writing or, copying different kind of music for the sake of being important, hoping no one will discover it’s copy...

... no... I’m taking about conscious artists, and other kind of creative people, who put question marks at themselves and life and, therefore put question marks on politicians and what they’re doing... and, the politicians don’ t like that.

We human beings are different. Not everyone understands that... no, not at all... they believe everyone is an artist. That’s funny.

To be an artist is to be connected to his/her own soul and personality on a deeper level than common people. Artists express themselves with creativity as their tool, as a part of their being. How many times haven’t I been confronted with; how can I being bothered to use so much time only to paint a painting or writing a book or composing songs... -?- Don’t I have better things to do?

They will never understand me or, other creative people.

Artists are not politician and politicians are not artists. Politicians work in the physical life and it’s not so difficult for people, also creative people, to make up their mind what politicians say and do. Quite in another direction are artists, and other creative people, using forces from sources within, behind the physical life, to express themselves and, the politicians don’t understand at all, don’t understand anything else than what they see or hear in their physical world.

As an artist, I feel this urge to express myself through different artistic ways of expression. Within everyone of us, it’s a core of creativity which expresses itself in different forms. If a person has the access, wish and possibility to use the creative force which pours out from the creative core, in different expressions, the person can use it. I use my power of creativity very conscious because, my focus on the creative force is as a matter of course for me... without going further with explanations here. The power is a never-ending flow... it never stops. We humans are different. Some has this creative force very alive and forceful, others haven’t the faintest idea of what it is... yes, for sure... we’re all different. Everyone has this power, but we’re created different because, not everyone shall use it because of what purpose they have in their life and... it’s more or less developed in each of us because; humanity is on different levels of development.

To create is a work I’m doing alone. My creative energy puts me into a kind of an obsessed mode, where nothing else than what I’m doing counts. It’s an emotional experience. The brain is just a tool that has the task to do the creative job as good as possible. It hasn’t the job to decide what to create or not, but sometimes... artistic work can be done from a task where a special outcome shall be the result... as a commissioned work of art. Then the brain is the boss and the emotions play the part as the ‘flourishing’ helper...

...but... as an artist I mainly create from the emotional and spiritual level in me. With ‘spiritual’, I don’t mean religion. Religion is created with a mix of spirituality and physically realities and, the physically reality is created by men with the intentions to be masters... then one of the spiritual fundamental truths is gone. Spirituality is about equality of rights.

Politicians are far away from those realities. They, unfortunately, only focus on the physical reality. If they talk about what they believe is spiritual matters, they talk about religions as spiritual matters. That’s far from what spirituality is and, what the reasons behind all life is. That’s one of the reasons I’m so far away from politicians. From these very different views about life, it’s developing thoughts, beliefs and decisions which are built on different causes and, my cause isn’t on the same ground as them. We have fundamentally different views ... it can be said; physical versus non-physical.

* It’s one important issue about politicians; - They’re super sly. They’re ‘chameleons’, ‘weathercocks’... when it comes to keeping their own benefits in mind. They use every possible opportunity to take advantages of situations to their own benefit. They easily promise and talk golden words to gain own advantage. It’s like they’re totally unscrupulous when it comes to getting goodwill there and then, wherever they are with their politics.

Do politicians only look at politics as a tool they can enjoy own advantages from like... admiration and focus from people, status and power, money and materialistic goodies?


Posted by genio Tue, May 16, 2017 17:40:15

Art and entertainment

Isn’t it a different between art and entertainment? Should we put art and entertainment together? How can a child understand art... (if it’s about understanding art?)... when art tells about deep emotional problems and solutions for those who seek inwards to understand her/himself and life. How can a child understand this? It’s in fact a difference between a child and an adult.

We can open up for barriers between art and entertainment but, for what reason? Let children and adults decide themselves.

It’s a difference between art and art, then I mean between art and design. Design today is put into the same category as art. Can children understand design... or just enjoy what they see or touch... if it’s sculptors and other objects? Yes, they can experience ‘something’, both when it comes to art and design but, what does that tell and what does it prove? It doesn’t mean that art is design and design is art.

... and children can experience and enjoy music but, what kind of music? Beethoven, Mozart, Grieg or Tchaikovsky... I guess children are more eager about other kind of music. Disneyland and pop music are more exciting...

Why do some academics try to put art and entertainment together? Are they trying to drag art into entertainment to prove that they are artists when they just splash and throw lines and colours on a paper or canvas, or throw bricks on the floor... in hysteric acts to be focused and adored, acclaimed as artists?

Do they mean that artists should be as children and create that way... without absorption and reflections about life and living?

An academic wrote an article; “Let art be entertainment” and, ended it like this: - “Is it time to let art into entertainment and to dare to concentrate on art as it really should be... in fact a kind of entertainment?”

Then I fell off my chair and on my way down to the floor I thought; Typical academics... their way of present art to people, by jumping about as fiercely chicken and goats and spatter ink and painting in north and south and east and west... yes, funny and very important for those who have to freak out from bottled up emotions and... when I hit the floor I just relaxed and opened myself to the floor, lying in silence without frustrations about right and wrong, smiling entranced to myself... I was thinking: ”So what? Let them do and think what they want. I follow my own rules.”

And honestly... I live my life with my own way of expressing myself without going to the great depths about what’s art and entertainment. Am I an artist? That doesn’t matter. I’ll hang my philosophy about life and art on the wall and relax. No more fight about right and wrong.

But now, I’m walking into my garden of Surrealism, no matter if it’s art or entertainment.

- Art video - I don't wanna be fooled by myself and jump into a super-positivism world where everything is supposed to be cream and honey-bubbles ... no ... I rather aim for floating about in the Garden of Surrealism ...

But... I’ve to say that art and entertainment are not the same. They’re really two contrasts. To merge art an entertainment together is unconscious.

Leaders and rich people want people to get as much entertainment as possible. It’s to drown people into entertainment. Then important issues about how to rule and make laws and use executive power and taking advantage of favourable possibilities behind the scenes, can be done without any criticism and resistance. Dope the people with entertainment – it gives leaders and money greedy ones free hands to influence where they want without troublesome interference from people.

Entertainment is for people to relax and have fun, excitement and other kinds of emotional reactions. Art is created with completely different intensions. Art is created as an expression of inner frustrations or, anger or, joy or, satisfaction or... yes, inner experiences of emotional expression, which will tell what is going on behind the everyday masks we use to hide ourselves... in fear of being uncovered as a person with insecurity and low self-image.

Art takes its stand on openness and honesty in its expressions, with seriousness as an important part of life. That’s in contradiction with what entertainment is about. Entertainment can also dip into seriousness and tragedies etc. besides stupidity and superficial expressions but, it’s meant as expressions for not be taken seriously and realistic for teaching about life. Life isn’t only a big entertainment. For those who don’t know and, haven’t experienced something else, entertainment is everything but, for those who have experienced life through many events and resistance... know something else.

Life isn’t only to put all and everything into the same sack and believe we’re all the same. We’re for sure different and, that’s what makes life to something more than a flow of similarities. Some aspects in life demands more insight into our complex emotions and mind than other aspects.

I’m pasting one of my videos about art... as a curiosity; - Art video - The rapture and power of freedom is as madness in highest potency ... a force that even gods can’t prevent ... it’s fantastic to enjoy the freedom of madness and, the madness of freedom, by expressing what you are excited about ...

I don’t see art as entertainment, as fireworks and galloping positivism. Art is about emotions and life... art is about what life is about. It doesn’t matter if you understand it or not. We’re all here in life to learn about life and develop as much as possible, if we open up for it. To learn might be difficult. That’s why so many of us meet so much hardship, so much resistance that, some choose to commit suicide. Life isn’t just a happy-hoppy time of entertainment.

Those who want to mix art and entertainment together may do it as much as they can but... it’s other aspects of life that always will be with us. It may be tempting trying to live a superficial and positive life by suppressing pain, wounds and resistance but, we’re created to make free flow of energy, emotions and mind for the sake of well being and developing. If we stop it by suppressing the negative side of life, we interrupt our natural self and end up with different illnesses and aching health.

As a comment... negativity, being negative, thinking what’s believed is negative, acting what’s believed is negative, let negativity have any influence on decisions, let negativity be a final decision in a case, use negativity as an argument, dare to be negative... and everything else where negativity shows its face... is not negative! It’s, in fact, natural for the sake of balance between negativity and positivism. Being positive, always positive, is for sure negative but, our culture is so brainwashed by the patriarch systems that, the belief system in people can’t understand anything else than; positivism is right in life.

Art can be both negative and positive but... entertainment must never be negative! It shall always be positive... period!

Art and entertainment don’t fit together.

The positive snake sneaks in everywhere and gives its toxic positivism-poison wherever it’s possible.


Posted by genio Sat, May 06, 2017 22:41:12


My journey for a place to settle down, had started many years before I moved to London together with my fiancé, genia. I had hitch-hiked about in Scandinavia as a troubadour, lived in Italy and visited Paris and other places in Europe, travelled about as a sailor around the globe ... Europe, Middle East, Far East, USA... yes, I ended up in UK ...

My song/video; - Art video - From Norway to UK - Travelling about in the world and ... ended up in UK ...

We had moved from Norway to Spain, to Costa del Sol, and hoped to establish us as artists there but, foreigners who had settled down in Spain were interested in sun and wine, not art, and the Spanish were interested in materialism, not art about life and death etc. and, what a joke to believe that anyone had interest in self-development!

After one year we decided we had to find another place to earn money on our art. --- Before we were completely broke we moved to London. Wasn’t it better chances in a big city like London?

From what I knew, London was a fascinating city when it came to art. Our expectations were huge when we moved into the city. So many possibilities ... we were sure to find one or another way to earn money from our art. With millions of people gathered it should be possible? And ... we had confidence in our art.

A song about London and our expectations; - Art video - London ... a melting pot for all kinds of people ...

We experienced more than we would believe could be possible, from struggle and disappointments to miracles and tragedies ... but also joy and love ...

I wrote it down in a book;


Affordable prices/artart

Posted by genio Sat, April 29, 2017 19:22:51

Affordable prices

Brain-people have taken over art. Brain ruled academics. Art today is supposed to be ‘brain-stretching’ … it has nothing to do with sensitivity, with emotional sparks of life within us ... on the contrary … the more barren and sterile, the better. The focus is at the physical world. It’s not about self-examination, self-realization or other ways of getting insight within for the sake of self-development.

Here is one of my videos; - Art video - What is art today? Where are we in our art expressions? Who is an artist - who is not? Brain people believe art is understanding ... as believing a song of a bird is to understand but, then the beauty and magic of the song and, the bird, disappear – art is an experience as sensitivity gives insight of life ...

Art in the forms of installation and sculpture, are for the experience of something different from daily life and yes, that’s interesting as a life-boost, like travelling about in the world and experience new surroundings and new ways of behaviour etc. yes, that’s important in everyone’s life, to expand life experiences ... but ... is it art? It may be called art in the definition of what’s called art today ... but ... is it art in the sense of investigate within to find out of one self, life and death and, deep experiences of emotional life? No, I don’t find any justification or argument for that.

I believe, more or less, I understand those who are stuck in their brain, in their mind. They stick together in their knowing that they’re better and more important than others ... especially equipped with qualities which is far more on a higher level than others ... yes, the ‘chosen ones’ ... the elite ... with a super intellect ... --- closing themselves into small cliques with quasi-intellectual attitude towards everyone. They’re so over talented, so over important in their snobbish and arrogant belief about themselves that it’s funny ... and it’s pitiful.

We have become more and more robot like, less and less human. Carl Gustav Jung, the psychologist, on one of his travels, met a shaman in Colombia. The shaman said to him “You, the white man, has put everything up-side-down. Those you give rewards and honour, we treat as sick people. Those we give rewards and honour, you treat as sick people.” --- With those words he told that we, the white ones, honour brain-people and put sensitive people in different hospitals and wards.

The academies teach the students about the physical approach to art, not about the emotional, psychological and spiritual doors to open and investigate. Then common people have lost their interest of art and call it rubbish and stupid and madness, crazy etc. They’re fed up and bored of stupid artists who only want to attract attention to themselves by being crazy and wild. Yes, we’ve seen ‘artists’ shit on the floor and pee on the walls, nailing tables to the wall an hanging chairs from the ceiling. When creating something on a paper or a canvas, they do whatever they can to attract focus to themselves, no matter what the result on the paper or canvas is.

Here is one of my videos; - Art video - Cinepoetry - Is art rubbish ...

... but, life is within us, not in the outside surroundings which the brain is occupied of. The academics are losing themselves in the outside physical world when they use their brain as their master ... but ... they don’t understand it.

And … the ‘artists’ fight to sell their art, as well as galleries and art dealers do it, by screaming out ‘you can get original art to affordable prices – buy affordable art!’.

The tragedy is that the artists downgrade themselves and art in general, with good help from galleries and art dealers. Art has become business on a low level … it’s about money, not about the value of genuine, honest and self-examination to get insight about life, expressed through art. --- But … of course, who cares about that?

But … the academics defend it with tooth and nail … you know, everything can be excused.

Yes … brain-people have taken over our civilisation and made us idiots. No more sensitivity, only numbers, schemes, forms, schedules, tables etc. to put people into regulated rubrics … to get the control. It makes us hard and rigid with no empathy.

Albert Einstein said about the technological development that, it will end up in creating generations of idiots – with those words he predicted that cold and analytical brain-people would take over and make us slaves of the rigid brain … as we see today.

Brain related qualities drain our natural life. We become hysterical hunters for money and status. We don’t understand what life is anymore.

----- I saw a video from National Gallery. A man stood in the main entrance, ready to move into the gallery. He started. Ran as fast as he could into the gallery, ran all the way through the gallery and stopped outside the exit door. He had been through the National Gallery, no doubt about that and, it was done in record time. In record time he had experienced all the art in the gallery ... yes, it was brain-stretching in the way academics love it. ----- To experience as much as possible in shortest possible time. ----- That’s a typical way to think and behave for brain-people and, when they occupy art and call themselves artists, art has lost its identity ... it has become an empty shell.

----- (To experience as much as possible in shortest possible time) -----. I and my fiancé, went to Tate Modern a few months after we came to London. We had heard much about the gallery and wanted to experience it ourselves. We went about and looked at artworks on the walls. After a while we went out through an exit doorway to sit down in the cafeteria outside the exit doorway. I wanted to absorb what I had seen and talk about it with my fiancé. After a cup of coffee, we went back through the exit doorway we had gone through. We wanted to see more.

When we came inside, a female guard stopped us and told us that we couldn’t come into the gallery via the exit doorway. We hadn’t thought about it that way. Since we had paid our tickets and were on our art journey in the gallery, we just wanted to go out for a cup coffee in the side room and, in again afterwards ... but ... it wasn’t as simple as that.

I explained to the woman that we didn’t know about the rule about going out and in again through the exit doorway. She didn’t listen to that. I told her that we had gone through the gallery entrance, delivered out tickets and, had already seen some art but, wanted to see more after we had absorbed our impressions with a cup of coffee. She didn’t listen to that. I continued to explain but, she didn’t listen, didn’t give any understanding. A male guard, with very visible muscle attitude, came and stopped behind us, watching us.

If we wanted to be in the gallery, we had to go out the exit doorway and into the gallery’s main entrance again. It meant that we had to buy new tickets. That was a catastrophe for us. We didn’t have money for that. We were on the bottom of any money level. Had lived in London for some months in a small studio together with what we had of belongings and artworks ... hardly money to rent, almost no money for food ... and ... no money to buy new tickets to come into the gallery again. We had been extremely proud to pay our tickets when we arrived, and money for a cup of coffee to each of us and ... now?

That’s it! We were thrown out of Tate.

What we experienced was something totally different from what the man experienced by running through the National Gallery. Art is brain and stress for the academic brain-people. It’s about the physical world, to see without experience. Brain and stress are the academic way of express and experience art. --- My way is to see and absorb what I see, to get an experience of what I have seen. I focus emotions while academics focus brain.

An academic can never recognize or get insight to sensitivity; to understand an artist as me ... we’re living on two different planets.

Yes, they can sell their interpretation of what art is as affordable art ... which I see as superficial expressions of stressed brains with fear as the foundation in their lives.

They’ve always met me with snobbish arrogance and, they’re always right, never wrong. I’m the one who is wrong in their eyes, yes, brain-people are control freaks and, they take over the culture with their violent ways of using their brain.

Here is one of my videos; - Art video - To be an artist or not to be ...

When it comes to brain-people, art is just one of the losers. Other losers are within health, medicine, food etc. – in their eyes I’m the idiot and they’re the genius.

Today, you need papers, diplomas, certificate, evidence, proof ... that you’ve educated through an academic institution to call yourself an artist. – I’m a self-taught artist and, am pr. definition not an artist. Those who haven’t gone through an academic institution are not an artist ... so ... am I an artist or not? I don’t have any papers, diplomas etc. – Honestly, I don’t care – I’m expressing myself in different forms and ways as a part of my life, not because I want to be called an artist.

If you have time and interest ... here is my and genia's homepage;